Developer Update - 1 June 2023

Developer Update - 1 June 2023

Welcome to the Developer Update for 1 June 2023!

The Dev Update thumbnail today features the world I N I T I U M ⁄⁄⁄ イニシャル by Artsy Glitch. Explore the lore by hopping into I N I T I U M and putting the story together, world by beautifully crafted world!

If you’d like to catch up, you can read our previous Developer Update from May 18.

Dev Updates are now biweekly!

As a reminder, Developer Updates are now on a biweekly (once every two weeks) schedule. The next Dev Update will be on June 15.

Important Info / Announcements

VRChat 2023.2.3 Open Beta

We’ve got an Open Beta up right now with the next version of VRChat available for testing! Hop into our Discord and scroll down to the Open Beta channels to learn more.

Here are the patchnotes so far. Here’s some of the standout features!

New Group Instance Types

We’ve introduced new Group instance types: Group+ and Group Public! You can find these new options in the Instance creation flow:

Group+ instances are similar to Friends+, where friends of occupants (not just group members!) can join the instance. In addition, Group Members with the appropriate permissions can moderate in that instance as if they were the instance owner!

To support this and the other features introduced in this update, we’ve added a bunch of new Group role permissions. Find them on the site, all sorted towards the bottom:

We think Group+ instances will be great for Groups that want to socialize and find new friends-of-friends in that special way that Friends+ instances typically do.

Group Public instances are similar to Public instances! Anyone can join, and they are listed alongside other Public instances. Just like Group+, Group Public instances can be moderated by anyone in the Group with the appropriate permissions.

We think Group Public instances will be great for Groups that want to curate a completely open experience, allowing Groups to moderate their instances actively.

Group Ban Improvements

In addition to these new instance types, we’ve also given Groups a bit of a level-up when it comes to Group moderation: you can now ban anyone from your Group, and that user will no longer be able to join your Group’s instances.

Moreover, if you hop into a Group instance where someone’s being a bit of a jerk, you can bap them out of there with a Group Ban – assuming you have the right permissions:

You can find the Group Ban button in the Quick Menu, when you click on said jerk:

When you ban the jerk in question, they’ll get removed from the instance – and they’ll no longer be able to join any other instances hosted by that Group. Out of sight, out of mind! If they were being a REALLY HUGE jerk, like… a ToS-breaking jerk? Feel free to report them, too.

Group Locations View and Group Search

We’ve added “Group Locations” in the Social Menu, which lets you see every instance of all Groups you are a part of in one place!

In addition, we’ve implemented a pretty basic form of Group search! You can now search for Groups in the Groups tab. No filtering or sorting yet, but we’re working on it.

ClientSim 1.2.5 Released

VRChat ClientSim is a way to simulate the client in your editor, permitting easy testing of your worlds and Udon scripts! You can use it to simply run around your world and try things out without launching VRChat, or go so far as to implement automated testing for your Udon code.

We’ve just released ClientSim 1.2.5, which has a bunch of new fixes.

Twitch isn’t working in VRChat video players?!

It was reported and we confirmed that Twitch streams no longer work in VRChat video players. This is not a VRChat bug but is instead the result of a change in Twitch’s API.

The URL resolver we use has to be updated for Twitch to work again. We rely on an open-source upstream project for this, so we must wait patiently for them to figure things out and fix it. We’re watching the conversations on those issues closely.

It seems like that Twitch has just rolled back this change. From what we’re seeing, this may just be temporary, but we expect the open-source projects impacted by this change to get ready for it to be re-enabled at some point in the future.

Ongoing Development

“Ongoing Development” is a section where we talk about fixes and features that are on the way! They’re usually 1-3 months away, but sometimes more, sometimes less.

If we post about something, but don’t post more about it later on – don’t worry, we didn’t forget about it. Development is hard! Sometimes we get diverted, delayed, distracted, that kind of thing.

More Group Things On The Way!

So, we just put out Group Instances, Bans, and more, right? What else is on the way? Hold on, lemme find a microphone to drop first.

Group member cap will be raised from 10,000 to 100,000, a 10x increase, in an upcoming update. We’ll keep an eye on the servers to make sure they don’t fall over with larger groups.

In that same update or one soon after, we will be releasing Member Search so you can easily find people within your Groups. This will make it much easier to assign and manage roles on members, especially with larger groups.

Performance Improvements

We’ve used a slightly more clever approach to the method we use to make mirrors and shadows work. As a result, we’ve gotten a boost in FPS when those things aren’t in use. As a bonus, this always applies on Quest, since shadows aren’t a thing there.

Settings Search

We’re working on adding search to the Settings menu!

It can even detect misspellings to some extent:

Login Flow Localization

We’re adding localization to our login flow – arguably one of the most important things for a new user in VRChat!

We’re still working on improving our community-based localization process and flow. If you’d like to contribute, check out our guide to learn how to get started!

Fixes! Fixes for some REALLY annoying bugs!

We’ve got some really cool (and highly requested) bug fixes coming up in upcoming releases!

These first four are in 2023.2.3, which is currently in Open Beta.

BUG: Camera smoothing and camera stabilization trails behind avatar - “Smooth” movement behavior on the camera will ignore locomotion once again. This means the smoothed camera should no longer clip into avatars while running around. This one’s been heavily requested by streamers and video creators!

BUG: Mouse horizontal sensitivity is super low - Mouse movement now feels a lot smoother in some scenarios, especially horizontal movement! It should now always stay at the same speed as vertical.

BUG: Friending someone and reloading their avatar doesn’t enable cameras - Cameras on avatars still only work for friends, but after friending someone you can just reload their avatar (or have them switch into it again) instead of having to rejoin the instance to make it work.

BUG: Quick menu and Main menu cursors jump around when moving in a station - QM, MM and camera will become usable in stations with this fix! The menus are rock solid, including when you’re zipping along at Mach 3.

These next three are on the way with the next major release (after 2023.2.3) if all goes well.

BUG: Shaking your head while sitting in Fullbody creates body jittering visible from remote users - The good ol’ “moving my head in FBT makes my body shake for remote players” bug.

A fix is on the way! This addresses this Canny post from 2018.

BUG: Video Players do not work if yt-dlp user config is present - User profiles will no longer interfere with video players, which fixes video players for users who had their own yt-dlp profiles defined.

BUG: The camera is unusuable at high speeds, like in planes - You can now spawn and use the camera, even at very high speeds!

Votekick Notifications

If you participate in a votekick (as a voter or an initiator), you’re informed of the result when the voting finishes.

We’ve also added some more logging for moderations to the output log.


That’s all for this week! Please remember to go check out the Open Beta. There’s a lot in there to try out, and it’s Live Compatible!

See you next time!


Friending someone and reloading their avatar doesn’t enable cameras - Cameras on avatars still only work for friends, but after friending someone you can just reload their avatar (or have them switch into it again) instead of having to rejoin the instance to make it work.

I know this has been talked about time and time again, but as a shader creator I would still really like to see cameras included as a safety setting for non-friends (even if it was buried in the settings menu similar to the particle limiter).

Some of the coolest stuff can only be done right now with cameras (in the absence of avatar blit), and having to friend someone to show off a cool project you have been working on has large social implications.


Yeah, I hear you. I agree that it’s a weird standout from older times.

This is something we’ve thought about. It’s less that we don’t want to do it, but it’s more that the Safety system needs some work, and if we touch it to add one little thing, we’d also like to do a bunch of other stuff while we’re in there.

We just don’t have the resources right now, and it isn’t a huge priority. The current system works, even if it’s a bit weird and janky.


searching settings is such a game changer, always find myself searching tabs for 2-3 minutes to find settings that have moved like the viewpoint distance adjust, always forget its location.


OMG I’m in love!
So many amazing changes & fixes!!!

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A fix for the head turn jitter!? Pinch me I must be dreaming; I can’t wait.
Search in settings is also a great QOL addition.


Am I able to ask about progress on your android port? I’m anticipating it the most.

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You can ask! Nothing new to say other than we’re still working towards our previously announced plans of a VRC+ only early beta followed by a public release later on.

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Any plan to add a “friends first/only” sort or filter when viewing the members of a group for which I have View All Members permissions?

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I can’t wait! I would kill my battery soo much playing on my phone at night lol!

That sounds like a great sorting option. I’m completely guessing, but I sense a server team engineer whispering into my ear “that’s an expensive intersect, do you want to kill the servers?!”

I doubt this would be the case if you haven’t seen issues so far, because people without View All Members permissions already only see their friends.

Wondering if at somepoint for Groups we might be able to send instance invites in Group Announcements. As VR DJ (We aren’t always the instance owner for the clubs we play at) I have to have a bunch of people added to my friends list that I’m not necessarily hanging out with or conversing with regularly but they do enjoy coming out to events or seeing what events I may be hanging out at. I would love to be able to remove some people from my friends group but redirect them to the Group so that I can still interact with people in that capacity


I know there’s no mention of OSC on this dev update, but is there any hope for OSCQuery news soon tm?

I actually just asked the engineer that likely would be implementing this and they told me “you pretty much predicted my response”, so apparently it would be painful. Impossible, no, but we’d have to solve some harder-than-you-might-expect problems first.

This is a cool idea. We’ve got some things we haven’t announced yet that might fill this use case for you, though! Wait a bit and we’ll get something to you. :smiley:

Last I’m reading, it’s still in closed beta working out bugs.


So happy about the changes for the camara in the planes! been hoping for a change like that for a while!

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Thank you guys for fixing the camera smoothing and always working to improve the user experience. :pray:


The Dev updates being bi-weekly this early is alarming, especially since it hasn’t even a year since the EAC debacle.

It would be a wiser choice to do dev update and a community update alternating weekly to maintain interaction and pushing up creators and upcoming events by driving interest early. Especially with VKet fast approaching and summer concerts

Great upcoming stuff. I wish Group private instances were a thing. Not sure I’m going to use group instances for my meetups yet. I like knowing when someone is about to enter and it’s not always that I’d let someone in (not because they can’t but because they don’t know we’re already too far along with whatever and they can’t get to us or I’d know they wouldn’t wanna miss the start). Or a toggle that let’s you accept people in or not regardless of instance.

What specifically does this mean? Are mirror and shadow clones finally dead? xD