Developer Update - 15 September 2022

Hello and welcome to the Developer Update for September 15, 2022!

Live Beta Updates

Since the last Dev Update, we’ve pushed another update to VRChat 2022.3.1, which is the current Live Beta.

This update mostly addressed various bugs. Specifically:

  • Fixed button on the Controls page that’s meant to open your logs folder
  • Fixed an issue where the Allow Cloning toggle wasn’t being respected in some of the new UI
  • Fixed the initial display of color correction slider percentages
  • Updated the Worlds banner to not have a hover effect
  • Disabled the “Current Instance” button on the World tab and adjusted UI elements to get more categories above the fold
    • The “Current Instance” page can still be accessed via the Profile menu, Profile wing, or Here QM menu
  • Fixed an issue on Quest where performance blocking was not working as designed

2022.3.1 is one of the largest (if not THE largest) releases we’ve done in quite a while – and so we expect we’ll be continuing to squash bugs and polish features for the next week or two. We’re making progress by the day.

Importantly, thank you to all of the Live Beta testers who have provided feedback! We’re working through the feedback and bug reports as quickly as we can. There’s a lot!

Expect a Live Beta update soon, perhaps on Friday (16 September).

Development Updates

A huge amount of work we’ve been doing recently has been focused on the Main Menu. So, that’s mostly what today’s Dev Update is about!

That Dang 58.00B Bug

There was a server bug where people were getting stuck in a loop loading a “58.00B” world. We fixed that!

It also sometimes caused avatars to load as errors. If you saw this recently, it should be fixed now.

Main Menu Updates, Iteration, and Bug Squashin’

A lot of the work we’re doing right now is fixing bugs with the Main Menu Live Beta. We do have some improvements on the way, too! Let’s cover some of them. You may see a Live Beta update from us soon!

Microphone Settings

We updated the Microphone Settings in the main menu to replicate the Quick menu! That means you can access the microphone sensitivity as well as the noise cancellation option in the MM, too.

Discovery Issues

Some creators have pointed out that the new Worlds menu has some issues with discovery of worlds. We agree! Popping users directly into Trending has side-effects we aren’t totally OK with.

Right now, we’re exploring some concepts to help this out! One concept is a “Launchpad” or other type of landing page for worlds, where users start out.

Whatever pathway we take to improve world discovery, it likely will make it into VRChat in the update after the first Main Menu release.

“Current World” Button in the Worlds Tab

We removed this button to make room for more categories, but really underestimated how much we used it! We noticed pretty quick dogfooding the Live Beta over the weekend, and also got a lot of feedback that the button was missed.

We did some re-arranging and the “Current World” button is coming back without too much lost space.

Just a Whole Lot of Bugs and Improvements and Stuff

Let’s just rapid-fire these. These are the bugs we’ve fixed-- there’s a bunch more in development and in QA.

We’ve fixed:

  • an issue with the mic icon transparency being initalized incorrectly
  • not able to rejoin the current world through the main menu
  • the menu getting scrambled if you click around a lot
  • the Avatar menu wing not retain settings
  • certain characters not appearing in UI, nameplates, etc
  • clicking on buttons playing sound on KeyDown, but taking action on KeyUp
  • “Open Logs” button not opening the log folder

We’ve improved:

  • Swapping between User and World search is difficult. Fixed by adding a selector to the keyboard when searching
  • Social menu Friend Locations: Update location header text to show instance type instead of number of people in instance
  • Background images memory and disk usage needed improvement and optimization
  • Fixed Sorted By dropdown on friend location social page so it doesn’t appear interactable
  • Put VRAM estimation metric into Quick Menu
  • Gesture toggle reverted from a notification back into an icon

Some more we’re definitely aware of and are working on:

  • Audio % values change suddenly and apparently randomly. If you can come up with a REPRODUCABLE case of this (as in, you can make it happen on purpose and can provide steps), please let us know!
  • Merge Account token is missing from the new UI
  • Background “highlight” moves around when pointing at world UI or personal mirror
  • Many settings from the “Gear” tab in the Quick Menu should move to the Main Menu
  • Search only loads two pages of results in some modes
  • Clicking and dragging across MM tabs breaks tabs
  • Decling a friend request notification doesn’t sync with the user details page
  • General MM performance improvements
  • Lots, lots, lotslotslots more

Chatbox Improvements

We’ve continued work on some more Chatbox improvements! These aren’t scheduled for any particular update, but we hope to get these features and improvements in soon.

  • Fixed Chatbox distance check to match max voice distance per player
  • Dynamically adjust chatbox width to fit text
  • Improvements to chatbox appearance in mirrors
  • Implemented a chatbox sound effect when someone sends a message, and settings to adjust the sound effect
  • OSC /chatbox/input endpoint updated to include additional bool for MessageComplete, which is used to trigger the message sound
  • Added a custom input binding for VR to open the keyboard for chatbox input
  • Added a Desktop keybinding for opening chatbox input. Currently Y, but we might update/change before release
  • Adjusted nameplate and chatbox scaling behavior to prevent avatar clipping
  • Improved usage with updated keyboard for input
  • Added new chatbox position options (we’ll talk more about this later!)

Travel Error Message Improvements

This section was added after the initial post.

Since we introduced Secure Instances, some of you might be familiar with this error:

It’s a pretty annoying one, mostly because you have no idea why you can’t travel.

We’re going to add more descriptive error messages that, at the very least, should help you diagnose the problem and help you join your friends more reliably.

Coming soon!


That’s all for this week! We’ve been VERY busy crunching on Main Menu bugs, mostly. Those don’t typically have flashy GIFs or videos we can show off, so apologies for having a Dev Update full of lists!

In repayment, we’ll try our best to update the Live Beta for you tomorrow. No promises, cross your fingers that it passes QA!

Thank you as always, and talk to you again next week.


Can’t wait for the avatar viewpoint tweaker addition.


I know this has been affecting me for quite a while now. Will definitely be on the lookout to see if this is still happening. Otherwise, keep up the good work! ^^

This is just a speculation. This may have to do with the moveable menu being in the the way while it’s “invisible” when closed.
So either:

  1. There’s an invisible pointer that accidentally drags the audio volume to lower value (or higher - the bug accidentally made the master audio to 125% one time),
  2. The invisible pointer reacts to the thumbstick input (thumbstick down - invisible audio slider down)


  1. Remember Wings state
  • I have my right wing as Avatar, and I always use the “Recent” filter. But every time I change world, it would revert back to the default filter.
  1. Remember MM state/Choose your own default page
  • I don’t like having “Trending” as my default world page (and it’s annoying to click my playlist every time I want to go to my favorited worlds). The same goes to the Social page. I prefer having “Online Friend” as my default Social page instead of Friend’s Location. Also, I prefer having “List” view instead of the default big icon for Worlds and Social pages, so remembering MM state will help a lot.

Bug I encountered

  1. When you go to the World MM page, and then you click on “World” on your MM Wing, the UI breaks (it will move to the right). Though I only encountered this once and unsure if it’s reproducible.


  1. QM still needs clock. I don’t like going AFK just to check the time. Not every world has a clock.
  2. Mic UI activate by voice only (automatically hides when no sound is detected, or the mic is turned off) - to balance immersiveness and functional.

So far, loving the MM! Still needs a bit of polish but it’s good so far.


Not currently planned, but we know people want it.

This is a potential cause that’s being discussed in the task, but without repro steps I think it might be hard to track down a case in which this could happen.

Thanks for these, but please make sure you post them on the Feedback boards so that they’re properly captured!

This is possible in the Quick menu right now, and that’s a thing that I wrote in the OP as an item we’ve recently changed (but have not released yet):

(post deleted by author)

Glad bugs are being fixed. Still looking forward to gamma controls

I believe from the canny alot of the feedback was the trending algorithm needs to heavily promote newer worlds. Old worlds may be popular but they are not trendy. Even if that buries some older worlds.

Maybe worlds created within 60 days


Navigation should probably be set to None for the UI elements, otherwise movement (WASD, joystick) will select and change UI elements like the audio settings.

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Can we get this on avatar audio too, since it’s possible with ear muffs

Very glad to see this in here! I tend to toggle gestures on and off quite rapidly at times (to lock them briefly while still being able to use my hands/fingers with the Index controllers) and was actually going to create a canny post if it hadn’t been mentioned here since it can be hard to see the current state of the gesture lock after quickly pressing it a few times in a row.

Thank you!

A problem I’ve came across:

I turn my vrc camera in portrait mode and then I go to look at it in my files on my oculus, it’s just a black photo ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

I found an issue tonight that you cannot calibrate correctly if the Calibration mirror is out AND the camera is in flight mode. It’s just … fails horrifically. As soon as flight mode is disable, functionality is restored. If you need video footage of it let me know.

Hey Tupper, I keep getting the WHEA_Uncorrectable Error when I’m playing VRChat I’ll either load into my home world or someone else, and all of sudden I get a blue screen that only happens in VRChat and no other application.

I did switch to my laptop system with an eGPU that is a Dell Latitude 7480 with an i7-7600u having 32GB of DDR4. with a PowerColor Game Station Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure with an MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X Card which I replaced my MSI RX-580 from my i5-4690k desktop system this does pass SteamVR even though I can’t use SteamVR on here and have to use the oculus version which lacks VRC lacks its own playspace option which is something people really need as a disabled person who can’t use OVR advanced settings or OVR Toolkit which i can’t use on this system either I don’t have plans to have FBT at I also end up having to reload a world 2 or 3 times in a loop

I did send screenshots of my system from Hardware Info to see why this bluescreen is happening as I am up to date on drivers from NVIDIA something to look into for those who are using budget VR and who are disabled gamers.

Keep up the good work hope to see you in VRC again let’s catch up sometime if I can help VRC become better for low-budget users would be happy to contribute.


not like cannot join access this worlds but more problem world battle disc r4 left world uploading pink more world problem quest 2 worlds not play fate of the irrbloss on a possible cross platform all world feedback you

Also should mention I’ve noticed this also happening for some other sliders, like the hud opacity slider for example. Unfortunately, I’m unsure of repro methods though.

does the uncorrectable error happen without the GPU connected through thunderbolt?

Have you caught and squashed the AVPro video player bug that causes it to fall into a recursive loop and crash the Udon script out for AMD users?

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Yes it used to happen always on my desktop with a i5-4690k as well when i had a RX-580 and it did it when i switched to a GTX 1660

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