What are your Unity Asset Store favorites?

Did you know that VRChat has a curated list of assets on the Unity Asset Store?

… Yeeeeah, we forgot, too! “Dynamic Bone” definitely doesn’t need to be on that list anymore. :sweat_smile:

We’d like to update this list! Do you have any assets from Unity’s asset store that you’d recommend to the VRChat community?

(If you have a long list of suggestions, please split them up into multiple posts! That’ll make it easier for other members to react and respond. Thank you!)


Now that I think about it - “Dynamic Bone” is still useful for worlds, even though it’s been replaces by PhysBones for avatars!

Hopefully PhysBones will become available worlds, too!

Here’s my favorite store asset: “Rider Flow”

It’s a free tool for organizing your Unity scene. You can organize your hierarchy, add favorites, save camera positions, and search your entire project. It had some issues in Unity 2019, but I’m curious if anyone else has tried it!

It’s also available outside of the Unity’s asset store on their website.

Oooh. I didn’t know that. I’ll definitely check it out. :star_struck:

Is it you @Fax that manages that curated list or any other list (like vcc curated) or is it a group approval?

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It’s a group effort! But as you can see, it hasn’t received enough love over the last few years. So we’d appreciate hearing the community’s suggestions!

True. Well for vcc it could be done through the github repo associated. I will make my list of used when I’m back from work.

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Dark City2 is one of my favourites.

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  1. Amplify is an incredibly powerful graph editor that lets you create awesome shaders!
  2. Bakery is a really good lightmapping tool that takes full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs. Unfortunately this also means there’s absolutely no AMD support.
  3. Bakery Real-Time Preview lets you view what your lightmap will look like in the scene view in real time! Think of it like the rendered view in Blender when using Cycles. This is really useful since you don’t need to wait for the whole scene to bake before you notice something is missing or wrong.
  4. Unity Particle Pack FREE! This is a collection of particle prefabs and assets to help you learn how to use Unity’s particle system.
  5. Legacy Particle Pack is also FREE and the same as the above, this is just the old version with different particles.
  6. MicroSplat is a FREE terrain shader with a lot of customization options.

Though I use Dreadriths free alternative GitHub - Dreadrith/HierarchyPlus: A general improvement to the unity hierarchy such as component icons, guide lines, row coloring and settings for customization. now


I love HierarchyPlus! It’s great to see it still being worked on.

That… looks familiar! I didn’t realize those assets are available.

Yes. Yes. YES! :star::star::star::star::star:


I used a lot NextGen Soft Shadows with the vrchat module of Haruka PCSS For VRC to get some interesting shadows on avatars.

Also used a lot a tool called UnityMarkdownViewer to make some advanced readme or tutorial in packages i make.

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Also used by Phasmophobia, Mesh Combine Studio 2 works just as well for VRC maps and really any Unity project that requires optimization! It gives you estimated statistics on how many draw calls are being saved as well as offers runtime mesh combine options for non VRC projects.

You can change the static flags on the final combined mesh it generates. I personally find it super helpful for combining all my lightmapped static objects into one set of meshes, then combining my props that only use light probes into their own mesh. There’s so many options to mess with it’s great, you can even change how big the ‘cell size’ is so it’ll split the combined meshes into larger or smaller chunks!

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  • v Editor Enhancers by Kubacho Lab. They improve the workflow in the editor and customization, similar to other hierachy/project view tools. They include vFolders 2, vTabs 2, vHierarchy 2, vFavorites 2, and the older, still working versions of those 4.
  • Ultimate Editor Enhancer by Infinity Code. Similar to RiderFlow, it’s an overarching asset modifying the editor in useful ways, like adding a “summary” menu when nothing is selected, providing hierarchy customization, letting you inspect objects from the scene view without an inspector…
  • Odin Validator by Sirenix. Being able to create your own rules for validation means you could have a set of custom rules to check whether your world or avatar are ready for upload and properly configured, and even automate fixes.
  • Asset Cleaner Pro by Gamedev Tools. Especially useful for content creators to make sure only the assets needed are included.
  • Asset Inventory 2 by Impossible Robert. Excellent to be able to parse through your available assets, whether from the store or local, without having to import them all in your project.
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  • Mesh Tools Bundle by Kamgam. Allows you to extract meshes/submeshes, paint new materials on your mesh, making edits that would normally require going into a 3D software.
  • Meshkit by Mel Georgiou. Adds tools allowing you to optimize your scenes, decimate models, separate them etc…
  • uModeler by uModeler, Inc. Pretty much a 3D software inside Unity, allowing you to modify meshes on the go without hoping software. They’re making a new version that also includes rigging, painting and other features.
  • Prefab World Builder by Plugin Master. Efficient suite for world creation, giving you lots of placement tools to reduce the time spent placing assets by hand.
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Thank you for the additional suggestions!

That looks awesome! Do these two need to be used in combination on avatars? How about worlds?

Whoa! That looks like something that should be built into Unity. Markdown files aren’t all that common in projects…:thinking:

I had to double-check, but it’s not on the list yet! This should have been added in 2017. Thank you!

@Nuilescent , thank you for the list! Those tools look really useful. I’m curious if there are any VRChat worlds that use them - uModeler and Odin Validator seem common, and v Editor Enhancers seems common, too!

I haven’t use dit in worlds as it was marketed for avatars and I don’t do worlds myself. But it does look good in most situations but can feel out of place in the average style of avatars in the wild.

I used it to document some assets I did within my unity package. It was either a doc within the folder, then using markdown helped make proper styling.

Or use a helper window within the unity editor, but I didn’t want to bother doing so as it’s tedious for nothing for me.

For the rest, lots of very useful tools in this thread. Great job everyone.

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Thank you for all your suggestions! Here are our updated “VRChat Picks” on the Unity Asset Store:

The old list mostly consisted of 3D models and assets that aren’t relevant to modern VRChat creation. We replaced them with useful editor tools instead. All of these tools have been used by the VRChat team!

Here are a few of the new additions:

If you have suggestions for assets we should add, please let us know!

(By the way - if your suggestion didn’t make it onto the list, that means the VRChat team hasn’t tried it yet! We don’t want to add assets that we don’t have experience with - but in the future, we might still try it out and add it to the list.)

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Does the dynamic bone still have it’s place in the list ? I know it’s important for history reasons, but does it really matter nowdays with physbones ? or maybe it’s mainly used in worlds, i wouldnt know.

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Yes, Dynamic Bones still work in worlds. PhysBones aren’t available in worlds yet!

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