Missing scripts for all body parts

This is my first time putting an avatar into VRChat but for some reason its saying all the body parts are missing scripts and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve watched about 3 or 4 tutorials and none of them have covered this or I just got unlucky with the download, and since these messages are popping up I can’t build and publish. Is there anything that can fix this?

Where did you get the avatar from? The item page may reveal some information. A lot of avatars use Dynamic Bones, I haven’t nailed down how recent Physbones are.

VRChat client has Dynamic Bones, but for in the unity editor it’s a paid addon. There are stubs for dynamic bones available. With the stub you can build avatar with dynamic bones, but can’t adjust.

But read the item page for sure.

I don’t remember but I’ll try to find it

I’ve had a look on the website and it just says:

Content type:[Avatars]

SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)

Platform: [PC + Quest]

Рhysbones: No

Full body: Yes

And I have no idea where to start on the unity file.

Not brave enough to link the page? Personally I like looking at Booth/wherever listings and seeing what the author puts in for instructions and what they forget. But I guess it could be NSFW :wink:

Try Release Dynamic Bones v1.3.2 Stub · VRLabs/Dynamic-Bones-Stub · GitHub

Physbones no might mean dynamic bones yes.

Other wise try pumpkin tools, it has button labeled to “remove missing dynamic bones” but it actually calls a function in Unity to remove any references to missing things, so if you add the stubs, the button will remove other missing scripts

Are there any tutorials you would recommend, or should I just try to find one that works?

Just see what you can find. Sometimes I end up watching a few videos on the same topic and then it makes sense.

Try the stubs first, drop the unitypackage into the project, maybe restart unity?

Might be worth seeing if the avatar pumpkin tools can be installed via VCC. I haven’t checked though so it might be goose chase.

I did have a look at tutorials for dynamic bones but when I was doing the finger collider the sphere never showed up, so I don’t know if it has something to do with the package itself or something else.

If you installed the stubs, unity will hold the data, but it won’t really do anything with it.

Might be able to ask the VRChat SDK to convert dynamic bones to physbones and go from there.

Yeah but when I place the bones I can’t see the sphere to see where they are so I can’t place them without spending a week on each one. Plus I don’t know anything about unity so I don’t know how to do anything on there, and most of the tutorials are either years old or don’t work for me.

If you’re tweaking things, switch to physbones.