Weird performance behaviour

Hi all, I’m fairly new to PCVR and I’m curious about some performance differences between worlds in this game and the huge variation of users per instance. I have a system with an i9-13950HX, RTX 4080 Laptop, 32GB DDR5-5600MHz. I run a Quest 3 at 170% resolution scaling via SteamLink capped at 72Hz, the foveated thing is at around 75% of the bar but I can’t recall the exact number. VRChat settings are set at the High preset with no avatar limitations. This is my sweet spot in terms of image quality and framerate and I don’t have a problem with the performance however I’m really curious about something.

In the home world, or any really basic world I will of course get 72fps by myself and sometimes with someone else in the instance. Now it starts getting weird with this next thing, there’s a world named “Spanish Club” which is extremely basic looking and easy to render, to the point where I can be in an instance with 50 people total, all avis enabled and get 50-55fps. Yet, in a much much smaller world like “Cuddle Me” which has better looking graphics but not by much, I’ll be sitting there with only 2 other people and get 35-40fps. I wonder how it’s possible that a world with good-ish graphics can make my fps drop more than 50 avatars combined (my safety settings are show only base avatar and voice for every rank, Friends have everything enabled). Am I missing something?

shaders will heavily impact fps, probably the post processing of the other world is heavy enough to limit your fps and the foveated rendering works tied to the eye tracking capabilities of the headsets, so u’re using it but it will just render in a high quality the center of the screen and blur the other parts, not following your eye movements. (as the quest 3 have no eye tracking)
running at 170% of the resolution of the quest 3 means that a single post processing volume in a world must render on a such high resolution that you’ll be capped to that amount of fps in any case, due to the fact that the post processing must be done after the base rendering.

(it also depends on the fact that one world could have baked lights and one use realtime lights, maybe many, ambient occlusion and other things can kill your fps, world optimization it’s not just about having few mb to download, it’s also about how much of the rendering required have been precalculated / baked / pre rendered)