New laptop and having instantaneous fps rise/drops

just upgraded from my lenovo legion 5 with a 3050ti to the galaxy ultra book 3 with an i9 and a 4070 and im having a worse experience right now so trying to see if anyone else had a similar issue and might know whats going on.

for those interested in looking at the specs for w.e reason. the model number is NP960XFH-XA3US

i just got this laptop today and debloated, updated all drivers from windows update, driver booster, and geforce experience. i gave the arguments to vrc to be windowed at 800x600, force 90fps to match my quest 2’s 90fps, disabled hardware acceleration, turned on “game” mode, ive went through all the idea to try n squeeze all the performance i can out of this for vr.

for whatever reason, when im in my home, my fps is jumping all over the place from a measly 13fps to 36fps every 1.5-2sec, which makes no sense with a laptop this strong. my lenovo was able to sit at 39-40 capped all the time till i got into lobies of 12+ people so the whole point i bought this laptop was to try and fix the drops from being in larger lobbies… if anyone can help, id appreciate it

I honestly don’t have much of an idea. But to play it safe I’ll mention these few things you likely have already done.

  • Use an alternative FPS counter like FPSVR to check your fps and your average fps, it’s a bit more accurate.

  • Turn off Anti-Aliasing completely that is a performance hit like no other I’ve noticed.

  • Check your mirror quality setting.

  • Make sure your avatar also isn’t the issue (Just switch to a default)

  • Check your headset super sampling in SteamVR, it will auto-boost it sometimes assuming your computer can handle it. It usually is way off for me so I have to lower it typically.

  • Re-Install SteamVR

  • Switch to a Nividia Studio driver instead of Gaming, these are just more stable versions of their drivers, they don’t update as quick but have fewer issues typically.

  • Check Task Manager and make sure your specs are actually being utilized by VRC and you don’t have a bigger problem on your hands.

Hopefully, some of this helped. It’s all I could think of outside of the steps you have already taken.

Best of luck with troubleshooting!

at the most the systems been using 50% of each with slight variation. it eventually stopped having its spasms, in a lobby of 38-42 people with no avatars hidden at worse was 21fps to 24 which i feel was better but it was still disappointing that i couldnt get a consistent 30fps at least. it was a fresh install of steam but i switched over to the beta version, i usually have anti aliasing off by default i keep my personal mirror at full quality but places i went to the mirrors were off anyway.

read up that sadly the laptop has a throttle at 60watt to prevent heat issues and it cant be set to only the 4070 at the default gpu as it doesnt have a mux switch that i could tell so everything has to go through the integrated gpu first before going to the rtx which is very lame… all in all i may return the laptop as it just doesnt meet my expectations for the hardware under the hood v.v

A 60w 4070 will have nowhere near the performance of a desktop 4070. Being configured for such low power makes me wonder if the cooling solution in the laptop is too weak. The laptop could be thermally throttling (check temps while running).

You aren’t by any chance trying to run it on battery or with a third-party adaptor, are you? That can also cause laptops the throttle hard.

That feels almost gimmicky that the laptop does that at all times. Might as well not even have the specs. considering it was about a $2.4k laptop I’d suggest just going for a Desktop if possible.