Fps issues after upgrading gpu

I have a vive pro 2, I just recently upgraded my gpu and since then i have noticed worse fps. I had a 3060 and I upgraded to a 4080 super, im wondering if there is anything i need to update other in the drivers and using ddu to clean out the old ones. my other games have gotten better fps, its only my vr that hasnt. I dont know how to fix this and am wondering if anyone else knows. im open to answering any questions or to give any extra info to help trouble shoot this.

Depends what was eating your frames in the first place. But usually vrchat become slow when avatars around are too heavy, that will eat you vram, so if you got more, you should see an improvement in busy places.

Also look if you’re not actually cpu limited in the first place, as it will limit you, even if you upgraded you GPU.

i have a i7 14700k for my cpu, i also have 64gb of ram too, but it even has fps drops on loading screens and in general, when it’s going smoothly i normally get 30-40 fps depending on world and its population, but normally around 30. which idk if that what i should be getting or not

On software side kits could be happening. I’d say compare with other games and see what is different with vrc.

Good luck

Using DDU is a smart move
You could maybe need more (PROPER) cables going from your power supply to the new GPU, it may demand more power and the cables you have aren’t cutting it
Also, if your new GPU has less VRAM and is running out of memory or if it is thermal throttling, it will FOR SURE get worse performance than your old GPU (new doesn’t always mean better lol)
Look into these and get back to us cause I’m curious about this too

my 3060 used 1 8pin cable and the 4080 uses that new cable thats prone to burning itself thats uses 3 of the 8pins connecters, 1 of the cables i am using rn is splits off into 2 8 pin connecters, but one end isnt connected to anything, ill try to find one that doesnt split off, for memory the 4080 has, 16GB GDDR6X 256-bit memory, well the 3060 had 12gb, its normally around 50-60 degrees celsius well my cpu is 50-70, Part List - Intel Core i7-14700K - PCPartPicker < this is my build rn if your curious

very good, and very bad news, i have a a cable that doesn’t need the adapter, bad news, the adapter is stuck in the gpu

i changed the cords, but also, my cpu cooler and y70 touch dont show me my gpu temp and usage, it shows my on board graphics temp and usage and i know thats not what this form is for but may as well put that out there