Vive Pro 2 Blank screen static

Was able to get this vive pro 2 vr set up going. Full body and all that. But for some reason in VRChat it goes bonkers. All will be working great, then an avatar will throw it out of wake. Like there is one I have when I switch to it my screen goes blank, all tracking fails, and the sound blasts off with horrid static.

Avatar friends have will do the same, not all just some. And they work just fine fore everyone else. But for what ever reason some of the avatar will totally trash the pro 2.

I’ve adjusted everything one can with the headset, visuals, usb ports and all the hook ups. And again all is great and good till a random avatar that has no issues with kill the pro 2 headset.

Tested with the quest 2 and everything works fine no problems. So it is only the pro 2 that has a problem.

Any help with this would be insanely appreciated. I feel so close to getting it to work, yet so, so far ahaha.

So an update to this. My new PC has a 300 series geforce rtx graphics card in it. Turns out the 300 series has issues with the vive and valve headsets. I had to go into the PC’s bios and turn the graphics card generation option down one. Now it works fine in vrchat. Hope this might help others out there that run into this problem. As it is something that had me lost up the creek with no paddle.

Yet another update to this. While rolling back a generation on the graphics card did let the pro 2 run vrchat, it is awful. It lags all to hell, the visual is like your under water, and it’s just not ok. I’ve done everything under the sun to fix the issues with no luck. Vive support was no help at all either. So stuck with this hefty priced hunk of paper weight. Why it does this with VRChat I have no clue, the PC is buff enough to run the headset but it just wont function with VRChat.

All I can do is use the 300 dollar warranty I got on it when I paid for it at Micro Center to return it for my money back. But I’ll be losing that 300 I paid for the freaking warranty. So out a VR headset and 300 bucks to boot. Then I’ll have to oder an index headset, but to get one I’ll have to order the whole index set as the headsets have been out of stock for months now.

Stay away far far away from the vive pro 2 if your wanting to run VRChat, it just will not do it at all. kinda strange to me that there is nothing out there about this. But hopefully this will stop others from wasting a bunch of money and tons of time like I have.