Vrchat Mic not working

Recently my mic for vrchat stopped working. I was in Femboy hooters, minding my own business, then literally as I was walking up to someone my mic stopped working. They said they couldn’t hear me, and the red icon on the bottom left wasn’t lighting up.

I’ve tried restarting my pc, verifying the file integrity (on steam), reinstalling the game, clearing the cache, and I know that VRChat is the problem because people can hear me on games like Onward and Pavlov. I have checked the mic settings on my pc and verified that I am not too quiet, and everything is working fine. VRChat is just not hearing me.

I know I am not muted, and the mic device that VRChat is reading is, indeed, my Oculus Rift S.

I have even tried using my usual headphones, and even then my mic won’t come through.

So is it possible to get muted by someone with authority for doing something they don’t like? As in, say you’re reported because you’re doing something someone else doesn’t agree with. Can the game just mute you for a week or something?

Nevermind! I figured it out. I am using my kinect sensor for full body tracking and somehow the mic on the kinect sensor was stealing the thunder. I just unplugged my kinect sensor and now everything works fine! Thank goodness.