Not being able to hear people after roughly 45 minutes in the same instance, and VRChat support not doing anything

Since April, I’ve been having this weird audio bug that will gradually appear after 30 minutes then take full effect after an hour, the first symptom of this is usually after 45~ minutes my mic stops working to others and to me they start cutting out, after an hour I fully cannot hear anyone anymore.
Although this can easily be fixed with a rejoin of the instance, it’s super annoying.
I’m pretty sure it’s server side since other people have been having my issue aswell, I have tried reinstalling VRChat, Restarting PC, and reinstalling windows.
It just seems like VRChat support doesn’t give two shits about what is wrong with your application, as they have not responded after around a month.
Even as a paying customer…
Output logs don’t show shit, but the link is here
At this point I just don’t want to even play VRChat anymore with support being this incompetent.
And as it’s clear, I’m fully enraged.