Appearing laggy and having sound gradually cut out to others but I can see people fine after an hour

Since April, I’ve been having this weird audio bug that gradually appear after 30 minutes then takes full effect after an hour, the first symptom of this is usually appearing laggy when I move (FBT) and people counting my frames, after 50~ minutes my mic stops working to other and other can’t hear me and to me they start cutting out, after an hour I fully cannot hear anyone anymore.
Although this can easily be fixed with a rejoin of the instance, it’s super annoying.
I do have suspicions it’s network related but my connection is perfectly fine, I have tried reinstalling VRChat, Restarting PC, Last thing I want to do is reset my PC.

Almost certainly network related, but that is a wild bug. Do you have output logs where you can point out timestamps when you first noticed the issue, etc?

It could also be useful for you to look at your network debug stats, but you’d need to enable the debug GUI via a launch option first.

Yep. Where am I supposed to put the log?

And, what am I supposed to be looking for in the network debug stats?

I put them in google drive for ease of access.

That is a wild bug Almost certainly check bill related. Do you have output logs where you can point out timestamps?

Yes, I reinstalled windows and nothing changed. Check the google drive.