Player audio being turned off after a few minutes of play

I’m trying to play with my friends, but after a few minutes of gameplay (today it was after a few seconds) and then I don’t listen to anyone else, the symptoms are always the same: Players start to brake, as if they are lagging, and then the audio of everyone is turned off without showing any warning. Is anyone having this problem? how do i solve?

So this is kindof a shot in the dark, but do you have multiple audio devices that your computer might be switching between? VR Chat audio seems to break for me if I try to switch to a different pair of headphones, etc.

Might be worth trying to go into your sound settings in Windows and disable all playback devices except the one you’re using.

I found on several Steam forums, other people with the same problem. I ended up contacting the developer, who sent me a code to use in the CMD, a code that ended up breaking my Windows and I had to format the PC. Okay, now VRChat is working well lol. I hope the problem doesn’t come back, but if it does, I’ll return to this topic for more help