Player audio being turned off after a few minutes of play

I’m trying to play with my friends, but after a few minutes of gameplay (today it was after a few seconds) and then I don’t listen to anyone else, the symptoms are always the same: Players start to brake, as if they are lagging, and then the audio of everyone is turned off without showing any warning. Is anyone having this problem? how do i solve?

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So this is kindof a shot in the dark, but do you have multiple audio devices that your computer might be switching between? VR Chat audio seems to break for me if I try to switch to a different pair of headphones, etc.

Might be worth trying to go into your sound settings in Windows and disable all playback devices except the one you’re using.

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I found on several Steam forums, other people with the same problem. I ended up contacting the developer, who sent me a code to use in the CMD, a code that ended up breaking my Windows and I had to format the PC. Okay, now VRChat is working well lol. I hope the problem doesn’t come back, but if it does, I’ll return to this topic for more help

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Having the same issue. After about anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes of play, everyone around me seems to start stuttering visually and all incoming voice audio ceases to exist.
I have NEVER had this problem and its made playing the game COMPLETELY impossible because i have to relog every 5 minutes to get audio and visuals to work again.

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When it starts having problems, try opening Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Escape) and see under Performance what your memory looks like.

Also on the GPU tab of Performance, see what the Dedicated GPU Memory looks like.

I tend to get a lot of stuttering and lag when one of those fills up. Memory tends to fill up after being open a very long time without changing worlds and with people coming and going. GPU memory tends to fill up if a lot of people are using massive textures. (Some models using many 4K textures easily use a gig+ of GPU memory)

Saaame issue bro, I just relog everytime but man it is so annoying. Seems like if game is uninstalled and reinstalled it may fix the issue if the first guy had to reformat and then it started working right.

I have this issue too! Really hope the devs fix it soon. I just so happen to be upgrading my hardware tomorrow so I‘ll let you know if I continue to have the problem. If the problem stops after said upgrade, it could possible be a hardware compatibility issue?

A few months ago I used VRchat (don’t often) and there were some guys tooling around and they convinced me to hop through a portal and when I went back they had scampered and a little while later I lost sound. I quit the app, cleared my cache, relaunched and everything was fine. But I have been having an issue with settings on my computer changing? Been talking with Steam about it for a couple of months and I don’t know if it is related but it was around the time the issue started. There was also a big Windows update and obviously Steam updated as did all my drivers. There were quite a few people talking about issues with Steam after the update and so I assumed that was the problem but I wonder???

i am having the same promblem for 3 days now, i have no idea what or how it’s happening! i have been looking all overe google to fix it, i have tried clearing files, uninstalling an re-downloading, i have tried every trick in the book! im just now up-dating the game now, they may be the case but, if not i have no idea at this point! it getting really annoying!

If anyone can help me! please email me

If any of you have a realtek sound card, or nahmatic installed. Please kill nahmatic in task manager.

It has known compatibility issues with unity and other games.