Unable to speak


I don’t know if I’m bad luck or just don’t know how to use VRChat, but when I want to talk, I can’t.

However I tried on different computers, with AND without Bluetooth / wired headphones, but in all cases I can not speak in voice on the game

Could someone explain to me why :sweat_smile: ?

Could the problem be related to the “shield”? Or a bad setting on my part, I don’t know :saluting_face:

Yet I set the microphone to “always ON” and even my friends can’t hear me :yawning_face:

In case you are using VR headset, check if the microphone is muted or low volume in your headset settings, is not the first time in oculus menu I mute the mic without noticing.

Next thing you can check is which device is active for VRChat as input.

If you are in Windows or PCVR, otherwise check input is correct