Vrchat for PlayStation?

I was wondering if we will ever see vrchat on psvr?

They did say before they may have development for vrchat for psvr.

That would be great

This will very likely never happen. The main reason why VRChat isn’t on PlayStation is because of Sony, not the other way around.

Consoles don’t tend to like user generated content and in Sony’s case, cross platform.

The reason being is that it would be a legal mess for Sony with all the user generated content. So for there to be any chance of VRChat being on the PlayStation platform, the content users could see on PlayStation would have to be severely limited.

Also, there’s the fact that users uploading content would require a license from Sony just to upload avatars / worlds. This means the majority of users would not even be able to publish content to the PlayStation version of the game if VRChat coming to PlayStation even came into fruition.

Let’s just ignore the licence you’d need from Sony to even upload content real quick and talk about another one. There’s also the fact that the PS4 (and Xbox one) are fairly underpowered, the only way to get stuff to run well on them currently is a lot of optimization which doesn’t really work when most of the content on VRChat is user generated. The PS5 and Xbox Series X could probably cope with it much better however, but you’d still have the things I mentioned earlier holding it back.

Oh how fun closed platforms are. /s

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