VRC On PSVR/PlayStation Consoles

I saw other posts about this, I can tell that song does not like UGC in there games and stuff revolving about that, but with applications like Fall Guys (I’m pretty sure) and Fortnite now allowing user generated content if there is any Sony rules against that then why haven’t they been taken down?

I also see one of the other main reasons with VRC not coming to PlayStation being Sonys Concern with game ratings ect, although it could be rated a 18+, wouldn’t it be possible for possible ingame settings and more options with the Safety tab to ensure users could access the vrc platform?

I still have the same question about user generated content in those games. Are you making assets, or just placing assets?

With VRChat I can go find a model of the uss enterprise and use it as an avatar. Or make my own model in blender.

From what I could tell about fall guys is that I could make a course out of objects, and I can only use so many points.

from what I believe fall guys and Fortnite both have preset assets but Fortnite recently allowed for PC users to use custom models and ect using UEFN to publish to all users of the game, So clearly if there is a rule against ugc restrictions epic have found a solution around it? They do have a moderation system in place so not all users can just upload anything but they do allow for private code which could include asset not age appropriate, with epic owning both company’s it could possibly happen with fall guys too but it’s way far off for now

I don’t play fortnite, so the best I could find is an article about adding a custom character model for a custom game. Somewhat isolated. But maybe it’s usable elsewhere?

In VRChat I know I can make a custom model, and upload it and use it anywhere.