Adult only features?

Am i the only one who would like to see an adult only feature for vrchat, just like how chilloutvr has an adult only “dlc”. Even if i had to pay for it. Buy totally wholesome, vibe goes brrr, and a few other Nsfw mods off the creators, then implement them in a “dlc”. This also will limit anyone under 18 from using these features, you could even make it so Dps is a part of it. Like i get vrc is giving us their version of the mods we used for accessibility, but these are mods that I’m gonna miss the most. Nothing more hilarious than being a super small avatar, pulling a giant eboy around on a leash lmao.

AO stuff is the one thing with this update I really, truly don’t see a good solution for. I, unfortunately, think these may be gone for good, unless VRC wishes to implement a sandboxed, basic UDON script plugin system, which I see as possibly just long term.

Saddly i cannot see this ever happening due to the ToS (code 12.d) and even if they did they would most likely need to use Id verification or any other ways.