Is VRChat ever going to crack down on the kids under 13?

Go into any of the populated McDonald’s worlds and I guarantee there will be kids under 13 in there, which is a direct violation of the TOS. It would great if they added an “under 13” report option, but they probably won’t in fear of losing a large chunk of their player base.

You’ll find them in pretty much every type of world, including ones where people are having sex out in the open.

I don’t know if there’s much that can be done about it realistically, because anyone can lie about their age when making an account, many of them are probably just using an Oculus account setup by their parents too.

I know VRChat had Age Gating for a short time, this would probably help to some degree for tagged worlds, but I haven’t heard any updates about it ever since they turned it off.

VRChat will ban their account if you report them with sufficient evidence through the website. I’m against generic in-game reporting that doesn’t include evidence, because this is and will continue to be heavily abused by people.

I can’t confirm for myself as i don’t have a quest, neither do i have a -18 account on it, but i believe some world tags and avatar tags are being enabled to hide adult tagged content if the Meta account is underage.

I guess the reporting option would be good indeed, but there isn’t much more that you could do that wouldn’t be impacting the community

VRChat can’t easily just snap their fingers and remove every 13 year old on the platform. If you see them being open about their age in their bio or something else? Yeah they’ll easily be able to ban that. But its hard considering unless a kid explicitly states what their actual age is (either in bio or gets recorded) they can’t really just assume and ban.

And VRChat can’t easily verify whether or not someone is actually 13 or older, at least not without some privacy concerns. Trust me, if there were a better way to prevent people under 13 from making accounts on platforms besides trusting you put in your real DoB, every platform would be doing it.

Hey there,
That is avalid point to discuss.
It is frustrating to see kids under 13 in VRChat, especially since it violates the TOS. Adding an “under 13” report option would be a good idea, but I understand they might be hesitant due to the potential impact on their player base.
Hopefully, VRChat will find a way to better enforce age restrictions while still supporting the community.