Age verification system Suggestion

Hello everyone and VRchat team.


I’ve been playing VRchat since 23th September 2017.
I’ve seen how much this “game” changed in all this years and how the community creators created content attending to what the community asked for and where all these new creators came from (IMVU & 2nd Life).
I’ve seen how this “game” changed from being a “safe” platform where everyone can hang out and have fun with SFW avatars about videogames, memes, or personal avis (nowdays called Vtubers). To turning in to a literal VR dating game, meet & f*ck game, StripClub, and thanks to the pandemic a Drinking/party game.

This game is no longer a safe place for minors since adults took over thanks to the porn industry of VRchat on Twitter/Instagram/P*rnhub.

Yes. Vrchat did legal actions against who started all of this years ago wich was VSF studios owned and directed by Maze. Who has been prosecuted for Pedophilia, prostitution, and also for damaging VRchat’s identity on it’s own.

Since those times between 2019-2021 this was getting worse and worse. More Adults were coming from those websites and these game communities I’ve mentioned before and practicaly all the vrchat content that you see outside from Steam Community Hub or TikTok & Youtube is all about Sex.

You can even find Tinder style VR Dating apps where you post pictures of your avatar and get other people to have a date with you, like Flirtual or Nevermet.
I’ve tried this app in company of my wife to check what was that and how it worked. And we found out that the age verification is not really done properly and also the moderation is a joke.
You’ve got to upload a picture from your ID or driver’s license, but I’ve found out that if you take long to get verified instead of being inmediately verified by AI or active moderation. You can go to their discord where the moderators literaly accepts everything without even looking at it. And also when your profile has to been aproved for being public, if you are a male they don’t accept you having sexual references or IRL pictures on your profile. But if you’re a girl or part of the LGTB community they do accept it. I’ve found and reported several profiles from girls breaking the rules of that app. But the real question is “Why is it posible that they have all of that on their profile if any change that you make has to be aproven by the moderators?”. Also after reporting them I’ve got a message of “we took actions against that user” but I still managed to find them again and they still have those sexual references like links to onlyfans, nsfw twitter, or prostitution inside VRchat like offering their services like ERP for money.

I’m not gonna generalize about this, but I’ve been here long enough and I’d interacted with enough community to know who are they and who’s the bast majority of people making this kind of content on VR, and also what is mostly consumed.
Bast majority of the VR adult industry created/consumed content is Futa (trans), Femboys, and Girls.
It’s been found out that many of these creators were Sexual predators/Pedophiles, and also been interacting with minors that likes to do that content and hide they are minors saying they are 19-21.
Nowdays this still happening and is being hidden under the carpet, but each day I keep finding more and more minors joining in to strip clubs or drinking parties with NSFW avatars overly explicit and being lewd with adults.
Some of these adults knows they are minors and they don’t care, and also others they don’t know and they get jailbaited.
I keep listening to adults who sexualy engages with minors saying “Age is just a number”, “Is just ERP on a videogame It’s not like if it’s real”, “It’s just roleplay”. Or even worse there are the Age regresors who are adults on their 30s or 40s saying they are 14-25 and then they be lewd with lewd jokes to minors.
There also exist some pedophiles creating roleplay families and only gathering minors as sisters/brothers or daugthers/sons and then after earning their trust they get sexual with them. They are even organizing family orgies.

What we can’t ignore is that is not only the adults are doing this kind of stuff, is also the minors wanting to be in this kind of stuff.
And when the adult gets exposed for pedophilia or encouraging minors to drink with him/her. All the minors clean their trace victimizing their selves.
There are drinking parties and strip clubs not asking for a real age verification or not even asking for it. And like the 60% of the attendants are minors saying they are 19-21.

Leaving aside all of that because I can continue for hours and I did long enough text.

How VRchat attended to the community demmands and how they helped to all this mentioned users and this is something that we can’t ignore because they keep promising more stuff that will help them even more.

The mistakes from VRchat team

VrChat+ release.
Thanks to this feature VRchat helped to all this lewd members to use lewd pictures or use pictures of them face for edating. Yes it is agains’t ToS using lewd/nudity pictures, but I’ve seen girls using pictures of their ass/tits half naked in thong or very explicit outfits since ever and even before vrchat+ they were using them as avatar Pic. And doesn’t matters how many times I’ve reported them, they keep with the same exact 5 pictures rotation.
Why do they do that?
We all know why. eDating and gathering simps to buy them stuff. Mostly vrchat+ subscription or discord nitro. But I’ve seen worse where guys paid their bills or bought them the full VR experience or even Lovense toys.

VrChat groups feature

Vrchat players always had their groups of friends, clubs, communities, and sex groups on Discord.
But with the team releasing this feature supposedly for “people getting close to each other and gather together for parties or games”.
We all have seen how bad this went.
Since it started the bast majority of groups are sexual references like “verified dom” “verified sub” “verified pimp” “verified cum dumpster” “verified whore” “verified thot” “verified big dick” “verified succubus” “verified lovense user” “onlyfans” “fansly” “pornhub” “erp enabled”.
But also we’ve got groups hidden as game communities, clubs, and party groups. Wich organizes events for orgies, AND YES, they don’t ask for age.
Or we’ve got groups being used for sponshoring the owner’s onlyfans or fansly hidden as a normal community wich I already reported with screenshots 8 months ago and still UP.
Yes all of this is against the ToS of vrchat. But why some groups gets deleted but the most common and obvious don’t?
This groups I just named they have been since the feature has been launched.

Vrchat+ gift stacking update

As I mentioned before most of the people that looks for simps for free stuff. They get free vrchat+ subscription by simps. But even girls get random guys on worlds gifting them vrchat+ trying to call for their attention like “hey bb I’ve got money” without even talking before.
But there was a limit there.
Before you couldn’t gift vrchat+ to someone if already had it. But now it stacks and you can get more.
So all this people who just milks other people’s money on purpose has now another tool. Thanks to the dev team
Why? Vrchat dev team looks like it keeps giving more and more tools to this kind of people since it makes people spend money on their game so they are just not caring about how bad their community is getting, they are only being greedy and want more money.

Incoming Vrchat’s economy system

With the incoming economy system for vrchat. The team is creating an In-game currency like a cryptocoin, that you can convert Fiat money to the vrchat coin, and viceversa.
Thanks to this feature they are even giving way more tools for this kind of people disgishing it as “now you can donate to a random dude who plays very nice the guitar or someone who sings very nice”. When in reality is to satisfy all this people who milks simps, or club owners for monetizing their clubs with tickets.
I think the idea of monetizing your club with tickets is nice not gonna lie. But you can do that with simply selling that on discord with a paypal.
But I don’t need more than 2 braincells to know what is in reality gonna happen with this.
As I mentioned before. There are people literally selling ERP services for money, gifts or vrchat+ since 2019.
So this is giving them the best tool ever.

The solution

Since vrchat keeps giving tools for all this kind of people since it gives money to the company and they are just not fighting against it despite all this activities are against the ToS.

VrChat’s Verify Age system + filter

We all know that the VRchat’s SDK has tags when you upload a world or avatar.
Inside those tags you can click NSFW and other NSFW, and also GORE.

Why not make that filter actually work and serve for something?

The idea is releasing a ID/Driver’s license verification system with AI verification so it’s automatic and can detect if someone falsified the picture or ID and gets permabanned since it’s an actual crime IRL.
Is not invading people’s privacy if you set it on your privacy policy and ToS that everyone accepts.

With this people who didn’t verified their age, cannot see or join 18+ content as avatars or worlds. They will see every NSFW avatar as a fallback Avatar like quest users sees PC avatars. And they will not be able to see any NSFW world tagged in the World’s search or join friends who are at one of those.

If an user uploads a NSFW avatar or world without tagging it on the SDK. That user will get strikes that acumulates on their account and then on the third strike they get permabanned.
Strike 1: Delete uploaded avatars & worlds and 1 week ban.
strike 2: Delete uploaded avatars & worlds and 1 month ban.
Strike 3: Permabanned.
With this they have enough warnings to understand that they are doing something BAD

Also non-verified age users cannot upload worlds and avatars so there’s a control over it and they will not upload NSFW avatars. They can only use public avatars and worlds. That will encourage creators to create stuff for those users who can’t upload their own avis. And they can still monetize their work with a Patreon with support of their users (as it used to be). Because who makes public avatars anymore? Nobody. And with this people will not be using a lot the VRmodels website, since ripperstore is dying now on september 2023. The only reason of why VRModels is a thing, is because there are not good public avavatars anymore since they are old and bad.

For the groups since they already banned people for creating sex references groups but they don’t ban and delete all the groups. Why not just filter it and let all of them exist?

If you create a NSFW group without the NSFW tag. Same system as the avatars and worlds.
If you don’t have your age verified, you cannot see any of this NSFW groups.

And for the pictures the same thing. You don’t do anything against it. Then censore them completely blurry or pixelated for non verified age users. And make people tag them as NSFW when they upload the picture. And if they don’t, same strike system.

See? Simple as this. Make your own tag filter system from SDK actually work for everything with just a verify age system. And whoever breaks the rules from the system gets banned and their stuff deleted.

With this Minors will be protected from adults who are predators or bad influence. And also adults who are innocent, will be protected from minors who lies about their age.

Everything IRL works like this. Minors cannot join adult places because they’ve got to verify their age with their ID. And they shouldn’t be able here on vrchat as well.

I’ve worked for years in a nightclub IRL. I’m gonna be a dad soon with my wife.
I’ve got common sense and responsability, and I know when something is not ok.
And what vrchat is lacking on is exactly that. There’s no control or security and nobody does anything aside of making the problem bigger.

IRL impact from VRchat

We all know that some pedophiles has already been exposed on the news from the US like that case of 1 guy who was 34 and went to the house of his vrchat girlfriend who was 13 and now he is on jail.
Or the case from Monti who the FBI arrested him for human/organs trafficking. Who’s has been doxxed and hacked by laughing coffins gang on vrchat on 2020 and they sent all the stuff to the FBI.

Or a youtube video that reflects 100% accurate problems on vrchat like:
Girl Trades REAL LIFE For VIRTUAL WORLD, She Instantly Regret It | Dhar Mann Studios

But yeah this kind of stuff is gonna keep happening until someone does something about it, and the first ones should be the Dev team and letting their users how they should act.