VRChat Build and Test on Android


When I try to publish my world to vrchat (android), I switch from windows to android and after it is done with switching, I want to build and test it offline, but I get an error saying Building and testing on this platform is not supported.

Is this feature not supported or can this be fixed?

In order to test on Android it must be running on the Android O/S. You’re developing on Windows so only the Windows version will run.

Okay, but when I accept the terms and publish online, it shows my previous build but not the latest one, changes are not being updated in the published world.
Fortesting on android, I downloaded the app, logged in(with the same account as the one with which I published) but my world is not displayed in the app.

I can pretty much assure you that the basic cycle of build, test locally, publish for Windows and Android works so something else may be up.

I assume by “changes” you mean some object you added or some code you wrote but I will recommend that you add a version number somewhere in the world that you can read. Update the version number each time you build/publish. That way you can be certain that the code you wrote is the code that is running.

I don’t know what you mean by “my world is not displayed” but it sounds like you are using the mobile client. I don’t know about that client or what the requirements for building/publishing them is so someone else will have to offer more detailed advice.

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