Vrchat android on PC?

I would love to be able to access the android version of vr chat on PC.
Just for testing purpose to see how world and avatars look in their quest version or just to run vrchat on a potato PC.
That would be nice i think. Maybe someone can suggest an emulator for this?
I know some folks was using raspberry pi 5 for that purpose but it would be nice to be able to do the same thing on an Intel n100 maybe?


I actually have a solution for that.
If your phone can run the vrchat version, then you can stream your phone display with Microsoft apps.

If not you have version of android that can run on x86 and from there, be able to run vrchat if the game allows it.

You’ve probably searched already but I found many reviews including this one: How to install Android on PC: Top 5 options compared

You might be able to run Android on a cloud server also. Please let us know what you find out and if you get it working tell us which one.

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sadly can’t i use an old model of iphone.

interesting idea but vrchat android app is very picky in android compatibility.
so i don’t think current emulators can run it.

I haven’t used it but “picky” would be a major design mistake when it comes to phone apps. It doesn’t cost much to try right?

Next up: What are the minimum requirements?

Most mid-range phones should be fine, but as a baseline, your phone needs at least 6 gigs of RAM. Any less, and it’s unlikely the app will run. Likewise, you need to be running on at least Android 10.

By picky i mean. Vrchat ask for only high end graphics ,arm cpu and latest version of android.
Emulators doesn’t always have vulkan drivers and only handle x86 instructions and older version of android.

I’m not at all familiar with emulators running Android. If the emulators cannot run the latest apps and the latest apps require the latest phones, etc. everything is pretty much hosed don’t you think?

Maybe one of them works or maybe someone is working on an update. I certainly have no idea and perhaps you are just out of luck then.