Video players crashing the game

Any regular world is perfectly fine, but as soon as a video is played, anywhere in the world, my game crashes. It may have something to do with the recent AMD Drivers update, or it could just be VRC. Any suggestions?

It has to do with EAC blocking the newer decoders from AMD because they are considered malicious. You have to stick with 22.5.1 version until the dev team whitelists said files for EAC to stop killing the drivers.

Admin edit: This is incorrect

This is incorrect. EAC has nothing to do with this issue.

AMD released a driver update past 22.5.1 that causes crashes with AVPro video playback when in VR. We use AVPro, so we get the crash.

For now, please stay on 22.5.1.

The crashes aren’t because of a change we made. AMD reached out to us to try to figure out a fix and we’re helping them track things down.

22.5.1 also has a few issues, at least a lot of friends of mine who are on AMD cards still had them. According to them the problems started with 22.5 but they aren’t as bad as in newer versions / they happen not as often. They recommended going back to the 22.4 versions, those should work fine with out any issues.

So I would say to try out 22.5.1 and if they still have issues to also go back to 22.4.

Before EAC I could use any drivers and it wasn’t until then that crashing started to occur, if AVPro really was the issue there was plenty time for individuals to report in the past (Months if anything) before the update which nothing can be found on either VRC or AMD community.

Releases · RenderHeads/UnityPlugin-AVProVideo · GitHub AVpro hadn’t been updated for days before and after EAC was introduced to which many had the chance to test the newer AMD drivers on (Myself included) with no alarming issues like today.

Release AMF Release 1.4.24 · GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/AMF · GitHub was released many months before EAC and worked fine, it makes no sense that suddenly this is an issue, it is a date specific problem linked to the release of the game update.

Now drivers have to be selectively picked because such .dll is not permitted to work within the game until signed.

EAC is the reason why the situation is happening and existing solutions are available to both sides in the form of AMD signing the software officially or whitelisting by EAC, devs of other games in the past using EAC have also said they had such control for EAC.

I’m not trying to propagate EAC like it needs to be removed so just saying “it’s not EAC” and staying any other reason why when many have already debunked this before me have shown why it’s happening should simply be denied, I simply want the issues to be fixed ASAP so that I don’t need to use different drivers constantly to enjoy anything everyday.

Many are also claiming the same situation where they have used later drivers before EAC without issues then after the update rolling out this is when everything went wrong.

If EAC denial of unsigned dll is truly not the reason why it’s happening despite clear evidence, it should be easy for any of the intern to explain otherwise, especially after so long, this needs to be fixed.

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We’re currently talking to AMD. They contacted us asking for assistance debugging. The issue is not EAC, as confirmed by them.

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Dont know but after EAC update my main account just crash randomly and videoplayers crash it too in my alt-account, i have send 4 support tickets and all they give me is things that i tried already or you can find with 5min in google. Not saying its EAC that does it just started to happen after that.