Consistent Crashing and Freezing ever since the EAC Update

Ever since the EAC Update, I have been experiencing the same issues consistently.

There are times where I have been randomly crashing and my entire screens of my PC freezes.

The only temporary solutions so far is to manually shut down my PC and reboot back up.

I have been having this same issue for the past 2 weeks, and so far I have done everything in my power to attempt to fix this issue.

I have attempted to:
-Update my GPU Drivers
-Delete all VRC Files and Re-Install VRC
-Update my CPU Drivers

I do not know what is the root issue for my situation, but I have also experienced this kind of problem with other EAC games such as Fortnite and Fall Guys. (Although, I do not get this problem anymore for some reason.)

So far the only consistent way that I can recreate this issue is by attempting to play a Movie in the Movie worlds such as Movie & Chill and LS Media, which causes VRChat to Crash completely and Freeze my entire computer.

Is there a solution for all of this? Or should I wait for a bug fix in a future patch? Because I am having suspicions that the new EAC update has been the main potential culprit to do this problem.

I have been playing VRChat for 6+ Months now, and I have NEVER Experienced this freezing issue ever since the update dropped late July.


My first suggestion would be to go here

If nothing helped, you can contact support

But if you know the details of the problem and it happens not only to you but also to other people, it’s better report this bug here But first check if someone else has already created a form, then you can just vote for it


Any luck with the Movie worlds ?
Are you running a AMD GPU too?
I have a rx 6900xt and also get these crashes from those movie worlds and before vrchat updates I was fine in those worlds.

I was told by email to roll back drivers to a older one but I am pretty sure that isn’t the issue being I was 1 or 2 versions from 22.7.1 on adrenaline that worked than stopped.
Have you tried any roll backs? Currently version 22.8.1 doesn’t fix so updating wouldn’t be of help.
Others have reported with same issue after the updates around EAC so we aren’t alone.

If your redoing drivers make sure to look into DDU to properly remove them. I recommend watching a video on how to use if haven’t done before.

Updating after some experimenting if your running a Radeon card like I am try Adren version 22.5.1 to stop video player crashing. Anything after that version doesnt worked (I tried 5.2, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1).

Rolling back drivers to 22.5.1 temporarily fixes the problem, still weird how EAC does not like the recent new driver version.

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Would be nice if VRChat would return the ability to change priority of VRChat from normal to high if not real-time for better performance but with the EAC … they took it upon themselves and forced a changed in the system to where we can’t do that …… talk about modifying outside of VRChat folder

Prove me wrong that we can’t change the priority from normal to high without making changes in the registry by users

So Basically They said sorry but not Sorry

This some wack stuff