Video player isn't working for 20% of the player base. Please fix!

I recently bought a new GPU (AMD 6000 series) and was disappointed that VRC crashes in worlds with video players.
20% of players (if not higher for Desktop VR players) are using AMD cards. It’s unacceptable that people have to downgrade their graphics drivers or delete dlls in their installation folder.

This should’ve been noticed in a QA process. If 20% of players have a bad experience, because of this issue, you ought to do something about it. Not everyone wants to juggle driver versions or change dll files.

Please fix this wit

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Hopefully you shared specifics in the bug report. Worth knowing exactly what versions work and what versions do not work…

I’ve had the same issue for the past several months. I can provide a bit of input on this subject.

AMD Driver version 22.5.1 does not have issues with Udon Video Players. Other driver versions newer than that all show the exact problem described by the thread author ( @hero_on_vr_chat ). 22.5.1 is a WHQL-signed driver, however newer releases that are also WHQL-signed have not worked.

Driver versions I have tested personally include: 22.7.1, 22.8.1, 22.10.1, 22.10.2, 22.10.3. I have also tested the Pro drivers for Q3, with the same result.

I have not tested the latest release at time of writing (22.11.1).

My understanding of what is going on is that the way the Udon codebase calls a video player interacts with the driver to send the video data to the ASIC for video decoding, but EAC doesn’t like something about it.

EDIT: Per this post a VRchat Dev indicated it has nothing to do with EAC but does have to do with the Video Playback Library that VRchat uses, and that they have been in touch with AMD on the issue.

I’ve had the same experience since switching to an AMD card: instant crashing on video load in version 22.10.2. I had to downgrade to 22.5.1 to get it to work.

Please fix players, the game is unplayeable at this state. People just stare at mirrors, with video player you could at least do something.