User Profiles - One button to go from chill mode with friends to a packed club world (Feature Request)

This is a feature I’ve been wanting for awhile.

How often is it that you are changing from hanging out with just a few friends in a home world on a week night watching youtube, then later in the evening you want to party at a big club with 70+ people.

This usually entails me changing several options every single time:

  • Change my Avatar from Very Poor to a Optimized club avatar
  • Change my social status from orange to green, and change status text
  • Change Anti Aliasing from 8X to disabled
  • Change Safety settings to hide avatars of visitors and new users
  • Change max downloaded avatar size to 50MB from 200MB
  • Change poorly optimized avatars from “don’t block” to “poor & below”
  • Change graphics quality from Ultra to Medium
  • Turn on Ear Muff Mode
  • Turn off avatar cloning
  • Turn down world volume from 100% to 85% (Who here likes loading into a club world with your ears bleeding when the DJ loads at max volume as your lag to change it to a reasonable level without clipping.)

Now this is just my use case, but I see many of my friends shuffling through their menus before we head into a busy world after we were just watching movies during the week.

Such Savable user profiles/presets could change even more Like:

  • Safety settings
  • User Interactions/Posing
  • Change your fallback avatar
  • Change your microphone/headphones (I would love to have a Desktop profile, and a HMD profile, and never need to fuss with my headset/mic stuff again)
  • Turn on or off personal space
  • Change your home instance type, and portal drop security modes
  • Change Text box and OSC settings
  • Change Controls and key binds (Heck, even Id have different profiles for when I am in full body and when I am not in full body)
  • Change UI settings, like hiding usernames to make clubs more immersive
  • Change UI opacity/colors/etc., Id make my profile backgrounds different on each, so I could know which mode I was in just by glancing.

Essentially you get it all setup just how you like it, go to a new tab in the settings menu, and hit save, and name the profile. Bam, next time you want all of those settings, its ONE Button away. I get this might be a fairly advanced setting, but if they add it to the game, people don’t have to use it if they don’t want to.

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That’s a cool suggestion!

It reminds me of this Canny request: Canny