Clubs World

this is an Idea. I just that I just thought of. Can we get tag for clubs as adult themes tag. Like people drinking, parting, dancing, and to have fun, I hate see a kids to join are world and mess things up, (that was group plus is for) but anyone can join in group plus with there friends and we may not know there ages. (then create group only) if they lied there age we have to report them to the mods for proof

Well. Partying as it is isn’t specific to adults. I see your point but I believe that’s up to world creators or group creators to manage.

l I see your point. Potentially a blanket checkbox for 18+ world in the tag section would be useful since we can already set custom tags.

Worlds already have the ability to tag themselves as such.

The problem is very few worlds actually utilize them and VRChat turned off Age Gating almost right after introducing it.

Do you have the source of that, i couldn’t find information about the apply of the age gating.

they called it content gating, but I called it age gating because its the block miners to able see or go into the world

If they are under 18, Content Gating for all labels will be turned on and cannot be turned off.

OK fair. I didn’t saw the application part. But yeah, all is enabled so I guess that’s still active.

It was mentioned in the December 7th 2023 developer update. Look for the part under “Content Gating Changes”.

Based on evidence I’ve seen, this was never turned back on.