My bugs list PCVR & Desktop

Auto Disable Avatar Cloning doesn’t automatically disable my avatar cloneable status when I change instance

when uploading an avatar or making a test avatar, it doesn’t appear in the game UI until I restart my game.

setting bloom to zero and rejoining a world or restarting my game yields having bloom turned back on again, yet the slider/setting is still set to zero

Public world info is out of date / not updated at all.

Public instance lists world having 20 to 30 or so people in a lobby. yet this is outdated information from anyone between 1 hours ago to an entire day, restarting client yields updated public instance user population numbers. I find restarting my client every half hour is necessary If I want a remotely accurate picture of the most active world/instances.

changing safety settings does nothing, temporary fix: turning safety mode on and back off applies correct/current safety settings.

some non-friends in public instances appear to have their status as Black. (yet others do not) aka Offline. (client user?) (more lagging/out of date UI SHInfo.)

blocking a few people in an instance often causes a semi-Permanant dip in FPS, scaling in severity per amount of people blocked, temporary fix rejoin instance. and gain the fps back. (Is this an intentional feature, or some kind of client user detecting blocks?) blocking through API doesn’t dip in FPS.

this bug requires a little bit of testing, I think maybe sometimes cached sometimes not?
when I select a world it incorrectly shows the previous world I was looking at, then after a few seconds the instance list appears correct, but when selecting from the display of correct instances the game will then show me the wrong/map instance from a previous UI interaction.

groups banner has UV wrapping artifacts on the left and right.

when I select “HERE” aka map pin icon. from the small menu it says I’m in another map. the wrong map.

when I open my menu and select go home > yes. it doesn’t work. sometimes have to open and close UI several times before the go UI buttons actually work. happens in more than one world. happens in desktop too.

can’t successfully leave full-body and transition back to half body. requires game restart. my typical play pattern is I use locomotion ON for half body and OFF for full body. I think there’s some interaction between these settings that is broken.

I have one scene per avatar so one thing I’m able to do for the test avatar is share name. Test avatar takes name from object with avatar descriptor, the actual avatar name is handled by the form or website.

Usually clears up with a world change

Doesn’t happen for me. Might be worth turning off and then on again. I’m on PCVR. With this and the uv mapping I wonder if you’re PCVR or quest

I’m amused at how long this has been a bug. This one I know the devs know about. Whatever the cause it doesn’t happen to enough people to be easy to trace.

test avatars / uploaded avatars don’t show for me even after a world changed.
only happens when using a new blueprint ID.