Bug report collection and beta feedback

  • on instance full reloads and trys to connect to the same instance over and over in an infinite loading screen loop… or untill you finally get a slot. If this is intention queueing then please allow me to leave the queue at some point. or show some expected wait time. 20-30 minutes is not an acceptable wait time for a queue that you cannot leave/cancel
  • IK freeze on side collision of capsule collider. I’m sure this one will never get fixed and has been asked for so many times. my entire avatar locks up when i accidentally bump into a table. thoughts: continue preventing a player from walking through walls, but don’t lock up my entire avatar please.
  • feature request no clip fly option for world maker to opt out of
  • feature request actually advertise the betas on the MOTD/vrc advert banner
  • can’t rejoin my invite world after a crash because no one in the instance can accept the request to join
  • can’t select persons capsule collider
  • feature request, full hide avatar and semi hide avatar. I don’t want to be on someones permanent hide list just because my medium performance avatars’ particles offended someones senses for 3 seconds in a public instance.
  • do a proper face cam like the m*d btks, simply a camera pointing straight at the face, with adjustments for zoom, near clipping, far clipping, render local player only, render players only, render all, then render the camera in an X Y position in my hud, an XY position and scale setting set by player.
  • changing safety settings teleport me
  • cant block someone while they’re loading. it causes they’re avatar to load in and move around even though they’re blocked
  • can’t rotate my avatar in the calibration mirror, before I could just tap the stick a few times left or tight to alight rotation, but now it’s locked to my head or something dumb.
  • when I hit log out the log in menu appears all the way in the distance some where random, resetting play space did nothing to fix this.
  • trackers balls don’t appear in regular mirrors anymore??
  • when I grab the main menu with the new QOL grab. the menu snaps down about two feet. If I grab it, it should be grabbed. not snapped to some arbitrary invisible laser vector pointing out of my hand.
  • no avatars listed in favourites. happens as soon as I launch VRchat