Can’t join most of my friends instances afterward it finishes loading and then get to the part where it says loading and then joining. It doesn’t get her that it just send me back to my home world

I keep having issues where it keeps sending me back to my home world, and most of the worlds and I can’t join most of my friends instances I don’t know what to do. Why can’t VR chat staff just fix this if it’s the pings they need to fix the pings

I assume that you are using a Quest? It doesn’t say. There are apparently many issues with all the RAM being used. If you see a message you might share it as well.

But many people are reporting it and I’ve encountered it many times as well. The “fix” mentioned is to clear the cache but that isn’t workable in the long run. I know people who do it routinely as they close the app and that should not be necessary.

So my question is, is this being worked on in some way? Either clear on exit or clear on load failure so each user isn’t forced to do this.

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I also keep having this issue been like this for months now. Im on valve index.

Well here is a nearly perfect example of how this website doesn’t work. Note that the “how to improve communication” thread is full of people posting thoughts and ideas. Look past the theoretical future (AI can do it) and look at the system now.

This message is posted in Help and flagged as a bug. It was posted 8/23 (11 months ago). I responded shortly afterward, confirmed that there “seemed” to be a problem and asked a question re: it.

Five months later someone reports that they have the same issue with a Valve Index (so not only a Quest thing).

Is it the intent that the user-base solve it? Will someone from VRC acknowledge a) that is a bug or b) that they have encountered it or at least c) someone they trust to report things has told them about it?

My friends and I continue to “clear the cache” after entering a few large worlds to stave off the inevitable failure to load. It still happens when we forget, it doesn’t seem to happen when we remember.

I was a professional software developer for 40+ years I think I can recognize a problem and formulate a reasonable solution. If clearing the cache on the Quest reduces the number of failures this can be (at least for the short term) a setting. If people do not have an issue they would not set it, if like me they end up clearing the cache every couple of worlds they could set it.

It doesn’t affect anyone who isn’t having problems and makes things better for those that routine do have problems. Quest only issue or not, if there is a solution why not implement it?

And finally, and this is why I am saying the system here doesn’t work. There has been no attempt to gather more information. The frequency, the conditions, the worlds, the hardware, etc. in order to narrow down the cause.
Skip the AI solutions, skip perhaps instructional videos, a new chat board, and whatever and concentrate on the things that you as developers using other products and libraries expect from the tools that you use. “Get the buses you have to run reliably and on time and leave the driverless solutions for some future date.”