My bug list

  • All animations(locomoting) on my avatar stop working, happens after sometime in world, exact cause unknown, (seen on desktop)
  • Animations for all people stop working, restart required. (seen on pcvr and desktop)
  • Button to change into the avatar is greyed out / unavailable. have to select view avatar details then change into avatar. (sometimes using the greyed out button works)
  • Mic is almost always never set every time I start game. (I swap between two mics regularly) sometimes have to select the right mic even though VRC shows the right mic already being selected and audio coming through it; there’s little visual indication anything is wrong until.
  • Setting a users volume isn’t saved and resets every time I leave an instance
  • Work-around for avatar uploads not showing is to open big menu go to third tab (profile) avatar should appear there?
  • inda desktop big menu inda social tab inda Room Section on the button for “in room” is showing a number for the amount of people in a room. but this number is wrong.
  • Can’t go through a portal in desktop mode in the great pug, everyone else could, and it was a public instance.
  • Visual bug with red laser for camera shows in small menu on desktop.
  • Removing world sdk and putting in avatar sdk does nothing. (Might just be user error)
  • Friend requesting multiple times, rate limits error messages. can be triggurred by double clicking.
  • All my friends are online, but they don’t show in friends list in game. Game never polls the server all the time. I can’t see when my friends are online and/or where they are.
  • UI buttons sometimes don’t work, happens on desktop and alot more in VR. Affects most all the buttons in the first menu you see when open the small menu.

If you have the time, you should should out the bug tracker, there is probably at least one bug in there that is not already reported.

Definitely these forums are a good place to hide a bug list.