Malicious avatar making my entire world glitch

Hey so I was on VRChat on my quest 2 looking for a more permanent avatar to use and ended up clicking on this one avatar that was labeled “quit.” My game immediately started bugging out and I wasn’t able to click on anything to get me out of that situation. Now every time I load back into VRChat, I immediately start bugging and can’t change my avatar back into something that won’t cause it to bug. I’m not sure what the username of the person who made the avatar was, but they’ve succeeded in pissing me off and potentially ruining my VRChat account with all my saved avatars and friends unless someone is able to help me get it back to normal. I should also mention that I’ve already tried uninstalling the app. If someone knows how to solve this issue, please let me know it will be greatly appreciated.

A bit of an overreaction don’t you think? Annoying yes, nobody disagrees.

Can you log into your VR Chat account? Does it show your avatars there? Can you remove the one that is giving you an issue?

And before you do consider reporting that particular avatar to someone associated with VRChat or post the name and any identifier here.

VRChat does have a page on resetting avatars

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I meant they potentially ruined my account since I won’t be able to login without it bugging out and I’ve been having other issues with my VR controllers earlier today so this was just the icing on the cake. Also as I stated in the post, this was on my quest 2 so I logged in with my oculus account not my VRchat account that I just made an hour ago to ask for help. I also mentioned that I can’t remember the username since I accidentally clicked on the avatar so wouldn’t be able to report them.

Thank you. One of my quest controllers isn’t working at the moment so I most likely won’t be able to do anything about this issue until I get it fixed.

Sounds like VRChat needs to promote full accounts a bit more.

Look up your exact name of the oculus Quest account on VRChat’s website, so you’ve got it 100% correct and file a help ticket asking for one of two things. Like:

Hi VRChat support, I’m currently locked out of an account “Whatever c000”, can you please do one of two things.

  1. delete the avatar that the account is using as it crashes the wearer on Quest
  1. reset the avatar on the particular account, because I only have one controller working right now, and therefore can’t hold down both quick menu buttons.

Don’t worry I’ll link the Oculus account to my main account as soon as I can. thanks

We all understand frustration. The main point is take everything in stride and don’t panic before there is an actual reason to panic and even then don’t panic.

You are not the first or last person who has had a problem. AND… when you log onto you account to disable the avatar that’s when you make a note of it. You don’t need to know the username you need “anything” that can help identify it.