Vrchat avatar crashes game on launch

So, my friend accidently changed into an avatar that is crashing their Vrchat upon launching the game. They’re on an Oculus quest 2, and they don’t have their account linked to the vrchat website. We’ve tried to use the trick of holding the two menu buttons and it hasn’t worked. Help Please.

I believe your friend HAS to go to the website to switch out of that avatar
If they don’t have their account linked, they will need to do that and use the website

If you can track down the crasher you could report it. But if they got it via a random avatar button in like prismics, not so much.

Or maybe someone else will report it? Other option would be to maybe file a support ticket.

I’m kinda surprised that VRChat doesn’t detect multiple crash and then reset avatar if a user fails to load like 10 times in a row

Linking their account to the website should be their first order of business - it really is convenient, but also useful for cases like this. Second, to reset their avatar, they’ll want to click the “Avatar” section on the side and then click the button to reset their avatar, like here: