Crashing avatar, can't change it [SOLVED]


I accidentally put on an avatar which instantly crashed my game upon it loading, now whenever I try to join the game it crashes it because of the avatar. Upon loading I only have a few seconds before the avatar loads and crashes my game.

I cannot change the avatar from within the game or access any in-game recourses. I additionally cannot merge my oculus account via the merge token, and that is the only way that I’ve been made aware of upon researching so I have made a secondary account on here to post a message to the forum.

I am playing on a Quest 2 with the latest update of the hardware and software. The problem started around half an hour before making this post and my account name is Koyru f83b with the status “reaching absolute insanity” if that is of any help. I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling but it is of no help. What should I do?

UPDATE: I got help from a friend which linked me to a youtube video, if you hold the menu buttons on both of your controllers at the same time (B for me since I’m using Quest 2) while loading into the game it will change your avatar into the default robot avatar.

I have the exact same problem. How do I solve it on a PC using the keyboard?