Quest 2/3 Passthrough function

As we know the Quest version of VRChat ks special. For example the handtracking which was perfectly made and introduced just for the standalone version.

But how about we add another thing to the standalone version which would make it even better.

Everyone knows that the passthrough is good and I’m speaking of Quest 3 and 2 as well. Now imagine how cool it would be to see friends in your room ranging from an anime girl to a tiny robot to a massive monster (idk). Would be quite awesome.

But how would it work? You could turn everything except the player models off so that in passthrough mode you only see yourself and the others in your room. Problem being that if the world isn’t flat people are going to fly around your room which would be weird.

Now to the best solution I think. Try adding a chroma keyer like Virtual Desktop that filters out green for example and replaces it with the real world. This could have multiple uses since it effects only specific colors whoch would make world building for quest even more interesting.

And I know this all sound unrealistic and unreasonable but one can onmy dream.

I guess chroma key would be nice, but it might be simpler to just not render the environment

Has there been any advancement regarding this?