Teleport to player

Has anyone in the dev team considered adding “teleport to player” into the vrchat interface? I feel like this would be a really helpful tool, as there are times I’ve joined worlds that are large, look around for my friends and can’t find them, then sign off vrchat in frustration. I feel that vrchat would hold user interest a bit better if people can find their friends they join on effortlessly.

Also, a voice message system of sorts would be great to have too, to send quick audio messages to people. Would be really cool if when you were making one, it would automatically mute your game mic, so others wouldn’t hear the message, then automatically reenable the mic when the message is recorded.

Hopefully these are doable!

Cool suggestions!

Here’s a relevant Canny request: Canny

We’ve got some features in the works that may make these sorts of features easier to implement for world creators.