Unity 2019.4.32f1 vs VRC SDK errors and Editor freezing

Hello, I was trying to update some of my projects to the latest SDK but doing so Unity will lock up and I have to force close it from Task Manager.
To ensure it wasnt something in my project I created a brand new empty project with only the VRC SDK inside of it, the editor will launch but I have a few warnings and errors, plus opening the VRC SDK dashboard will result in Unity freezing up never to come back.
I have made new projects, reinstalled the VRC CC, and even fully uninstalled all Unity versions, restarted my PC and reinstalled the Unity version for VRC.
Included pics are errors and warnings posted in Unity Console, empty project only containing VRC SDK.
Other pics are from the CC logs looking for a folder and engine that I do not even have on my pc…

image (2)

Looking at my CC logs its also looking for a folder on my PC that does not exist…

just making sure, do you have creator companion updated to the latest version? usually on the bottom left it will tell you if it needs a update, if that doesn’t appear try reinstalling creator companion.

i would also make sure your on the right unity version, as a error you sent shows you might be on a earlier version(current one is 2019.4.31f1). yes it must be that exact one, it says it in the docs!

So I reinstalled the CC a few times, the last time I remembered to delete all the json files, that solved the CC issue. Now still is the SDK issue even on a fresh NEW project if I import things like Poi. Shaders the editor just locks up forever and I have to force close it through task manager. Which may not be a VRChat problem.
Luckly I was able to get a vanilla editor running through CC for now