Help with 2022 SDK

I am unable to use unity 2022 in any capacity once importing the newest sdk. I have tried opening unity 2022 through the hub, it opens fine. then, when i add the sdk it errors out saying memory error. I have tons of space and 48gb of ram ddr5. VCC does the same thing. Its the sdk somehow and noone is helping me fix this. not vrchat or unity has responded to my tickets. ;-; please help im desparate at this point…

Just to confirm, is the Unity version you are using the one required by vrchat ?

yes ^-^ 2022.3.6f1 right?

Yes it’s the version i have as well. Maybe your hard drive is full, or maybe you used a 32bit of the app limiting ram usage (probably not, i’m just thinking …)

Is that trying to allocate 1.4 terabytes?

Unity 2022.3.6f1

Maybe show us a screenshot of the unity editor window, like the whole window, maybe there is something in the title bar.

Asking for 1.4 terabytes of RAM is going to be a data corruption issue somewhere. It’s like you’re pouring milk into a bowl of corn flakes and getting fire.

Or something in that XR package doesn’t like your VR stuff

okay so it was something stupid. vrchat asks that you download unity through the sdk. well, i figured id try one more time to uninstall and re install, but the vcc was taking forever so i decided to do it through the unity hub. that fixed it ;-; i can now use unity 2022

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