Some feedback regarding the things shown in the latest Developer Update

Heyo, I just wanted to give some feedback to a few things that were talked about in the recent Developer Update, hope it helps. ^^

1. Portable Mirror

  • Move the Mirror back to the first page of the Action Menu, it’s something people will use a
    lot and want to access it quickly. The Option Sub Menu is already really full so it could easily get lost there, it would also help new users to find it more quickly.
  • Change the + and – buttons to a size slider, it’s faster to adjust and feels nicer in terms of UX,
    also makes it possible to set it to a specific value you always liked. It’s also easier to access
    since you don’t need to open an extra sub menu.
  • Change the Transparency to a slider as well, same reasons as above.
  • If you do this, setting the Percentage to 0 could turn it into a cut out mirror. (Also Display
    “Cutout” instead of 0 in that case), You could also just add an Extra Button for a Cutout Mirror if you feel like this would be to hard to understand.
  • Change the Tracking Sub menu to a singe button that basically just says “Lock to World”,
    removes a extra sub menu and makes it nicer to use since it’s just a binary option.

2. Home Instance Type

  • Widen the selection button to a size of 3 normal buttons instead of 2, the current one feels
    way too cramped. (You also already did this for the Interaction Override per player)
  • Maybe consider adding a button when travelling to your Home World that lets you go to a
    private home world, ignoring the selection you did before in the settings page. This is nice
    when you quickly want to go into a private world or are followed by people you don’t want to
    be followed by.

3. Camera Changes

  • Add the Camera resolution to the Camera Tab in the Quick Menu, there is already a lot of
    space empty there, so it would fit in perfectly. Either that or add it as an option to the
    Camera Menu itself, that would probably fit in better. (Remove the option when using the
    Stream camera since it won’t have an effect there.) I could imagine people normally just wanting to use 1080p but for some special pictures they want to use 4k, that way they could change this quickly.

I just wanted to add something to your suggestion to add it to the camera menu. I’d rather not remove the option when using the stream camera. I think it would be better to automatically set it to 1080p and put it into a disabled/“greyed out” state

IIRC the Stream Camera uses the resolution your Desktop Window has, in that case the Resolution setting wouldn’t do anything. That’s why it doesn’t need to be shown if you are using it.

Maybe show the current desktop resolution then. Or make it so you can set a resolution (max your screen res) and it resizes the window accordingly. Idk removing it completely in that case feels like it could confuse people

Thanks @DrBlackRat ! These are great bits of feedback. We’ve read and noted it.

FWIW, the focus of our current development efforts is almost entirely “speed, polish later”.


How about camera animation for content creators?

We’ve collected that as a common request already-- we haven’t talked about it yet, but it is in our tracked requests.

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We’re trying to keep the top level in the action menu clean. We’ll keep it in the Options area for now, and will re-evaluate for the “medium scope” version we’re already planning.

This was already planned for the second version but if it’s trivial to implement, we’ll add it.

We don’t like hiding UI/options like this. We think it goes into the “masking” options better.

We have a third planned tracking option, Track to Player Head, so that might not work.


Awesome I appreciate it

Makes sense, I completely forgot that you can turn of the environment in that menu.

Also understandable. One question though, what do you mean with the “medium scope version”?

There’s two versions:

  • Low scope is what we’re working on now. Easy to do, whacked in, not polished. It’ll be in the first release, probably.
  • Medium scope is the version that follows it up soon after, with iterative improvements. It’ll be in the second release, probably.

As i see camera topic here, did you maybe check out my thread about getting past 8k limitation without tiling or any other weird hacks? New developer update, the camera resolution missinformation

Yep! Seen and noted.