Personal Mirror Feedback

Grabbable mirror at the very least would be nice to not have to dig so deeply into the quick menu for. I find I usually turn it on and then need to toggle grabbable immediately after to adjust.

The personal mirror is available at the top level of the Action Menu under the Tools header. Does that not suffice?

The settings that govern it being grabbable or not persist, so they should stay as whatever you had them set to.

Also, this thread is a little old. Try not to necro posts! I’ve moved this discussion to its own thread.

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I personally Toggle Grabbable on / off all the time.
If I want to move the mirror I turn it on and once I have it in a place where I like it, I turn it off. This way I wont grab it by accident and also get rid of the menu laser which can be a bit annoying.
So the most used options for me are:

  • Mirror Toggle
  • Grabbable Toggle

It’s the same for me. This deep dive into the menu for this 2 options is pain. because of this I have my right controller always that menu with this 2 options in. I don’t go in any othere menus with my right controller.
I think messured by time spend in menu, the menu with this 2 options wins by far.

The next 2 things i would look for in a quick menu would be Chatbox keyboard and a toggle for the mirror to toggle enviroment on/off (which is even deeper hidden).


Also wanted to add that i have kinda like a second shortcut menu on my left controller as part of my expression menu. It sends out via OSC to trigger things like mute (neither i need 2 hands or need to go into a deep dive)

I think I would link everything in my expression menu if we could do that. That way we could just design our own shortcut menu. Not sure yet how good/bad this idea is

Just echoing the sentiment that Grabbable Toggle is probably my most used mirror setting by far.

Typically will toggle on the mirror, then drag it around with me, reposition it, etc followed by toggling off the grabbing to get rid of the laser and to not accidentally grab it while messing with my overlay.


I wonder if there’s a way you could turn the grabability of the mirror on and off within the prop itself, and not by having to use a menu?

Perhaps something like a small lock icon either in one corner of the mirror, or floating right outside of the mirror. Clicking it would toggle the ability to grab it.

Not sure if I would like that, the reason why I turn grabbing off is so that I don’t have anything that I could technically interact with. So just putting a button on the mirror wouldn’t really solve it,

I feel like adding one more option under “Tools” for turning Grabbing On / Off could still work. As there is imo still enough space left.

Doing so would also make it more symmetric :D
I think I even made a canny about this at some point, but I can’t find it.

To be honest, the only thing I’m really wanting added to the personal mirror is filtering. Itd be nice to be able to filter to just friends and myself instead of Me, Others, Environment.

This is exactly how I use it too depending on where I am in my play space. I wonder how many people open the Camera in comparison from the radial menu? There’s a few ways to do it, most quicker then the radial I find. A button on the mirror itself I think may be cumbersome for the same reason DrBlackRat mentioned already.

Just thinking about where i’m and what the right path is in the action menu takes longer, espacially because it resets after each map change or avatar change. While just open quick menu and double click the camera tab is a nobrainer for me.

I accidentally open and close the camera a lot there. Personally for actually opening the camera I got used to double clicking the icon on the quick menu.

I think if toggling the grabability was made easier I’d use it, just probably take awhile for me to remember to. Right now I just open the personal mirror where it needs to be, which is why I’m hitting the camera toggle accidentally all the time. If I really actually need a movable mirror I just use the camera preview. Way easier than toggling grabability at the moment.

I like how sparse and intentional the Tools section is. Every thing in there is a way to simply turn on/off a single Tool. If you add a “configuration” item in there, that breaks that intention and simplicity…

I wonder if we could introduce a new modal to the action menu? “Long hold” could pop out a bunch of sub-options or a sub-menu. That’s a good bit of scope creep though, and would definitely lower the likelihood of making it into production :sweat_smile:

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How high are chances that we getting a new action menu with new functions like holding, double tapping, hold and click in a reasanable time? Maybe for expressions too?

Considering I just made it up right now? Very low :sweat_smile:

Damit! Sounded to good to be real.

It’s a nice idea i haven’t thought about before whiel it is actually so common to have such interactions in VR. Adding new interaction methoes for action menu items sounds good. But is it worth the time to add this or is there a better menu design for the action menu in general?
Is there a studie about what are good per controller menues designs and interactions are? And even if do they fit to a normal VRChat play style?
I wish we could design our menus ourself :D Than we could just look for the most popular design

What if the personal mirror can be only grabbed with a specific hand? Personally I don’t need to move a lot of stuff around when i have personal mirror out.

I’d honestly just be really satisfied with having a condensed version of the “Personal Mirror” dropdown from the “Mirrors” tab from the MM settings also be found in the QM.

I was initially really excited to see the “Mirrors” tab get added during the settings reorganization update, but I quickly realized it’s just not worth the hassle to open the MM just to toggle some mirror settings over and over.

I’m just picturing a “Personal Mirror” dropdown in the QM that lists nothing but:

  • Personal Mirror (On/Off)
  • Grabbable (On/Off)
  • Tracking (Playspace/World/Head)

And that’s it. It could even maybe have that “Show Advanced Settings” thing the “Chatbox” category has to list some other commonly changed features if you really wanted to, but I honestly think just having those 3 settings I listed is sufficient for a QM dropdown.

It’s not perfect, but I’d still be really happy with this solution.

Aside from my QM pitch, this is the only other option I’ve seen brought up that I like. Having a secondary gesture that opens sub-menus of an otherwise clickable option in the action menu would be fantastic not just for this use-case, but for avatar expressions as well.

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