Index Controller bindings help needed!


So I got a new computer and my bindings got reset; I could put back everything I remember but I’m struggling with one last thing :

I used to be able to :

  • Press B once to open the Quick Menu (the square small one) ;
  • Hold B to open the Action Menu (the little circle).

But now if I bind it the same into the settings, when I hold B I get a “steam icon” that slowly fills up (see picture) and only after then my Action Menu appears.
And not only does it take a long time but also just clicking B once now delays the Quick Menu to appear (even if I press and release very fast) and it used to be instant before.

So I’m a bit confused if it’s just that Steam/VRChat changed something; or if I messed up setting up my buttons somewhere… Can someone please help me? :pray:

Also I posted this on the Discord and I’ll update it here if I get an answer so hopefully it helps other people too :slight_smile:

We’ve got custom bindings built into VRChat, too – check those first in our settings.

Those are different from the Steam Input settings.

Hey thank you for replying to me ^^
I did check all those settings yes :

  • VRChat (in game)
  • Steam Bindings
  • OVRAS Bindings

At some point I lost my mind and just clicked a bunch of random buttons and I ended up getting exactly the configuration I wanted :

  • Left B click = Quick Menu (instantly)
  • Left B hold = Action Menu (very fast)
  • Left A click = Nothing
  • Left A hold = Space Drag
  • Right B click = Gesture Toggle
  • Right B double-click = Reset Offsets
  • Right A click = Jump

I feel like it’s picking up a little bit from all the 3 setting schemes so I took screenshots if someone cares about analyzing what’s going on there…
I don’t fully understand myself but in any case that’s exactly what I wanted so problem solved I’m super happy :grin:

And just because I’m replying to you Tupper; any reason why the in-game Custom option in the Controls menu is not fully customizable?

Not to complain but if this one menu allowed me to edit every single button (for exemple unbind Quick Menu from Right Controller B Button) I would have just used your in-game settings and never worried about anything else :sweat_smile: