"'Show avatar' very poor avatars" being removed?

Hello all,

A buddy and myself were talking and he came across this documentation.

In it, it states:

"Show Avatar" for Very Poor avatars functionality may be removed in the future, and Very Poor avatars may be removed from Quest entirely.

Does this statement refer to the removal of the show avatar button functionality being removed entirely for very poor avatars? (Only friends may see your very poor avatar; including on PC)

Or due to the comma, is this statement only applying for users on quest, as in

“Show avatar” feature for very poor avatars on quest may be removed in the future.


It’s in the Quest section of that page, so it only applies to Quest.

So yes, that statement refers to the maybe removal of the function to show very poor avatars on Quest.

There’s already a problem with the tedious clicking of trying to show avatars everywhere for quest one and two. I think we need a show all button for some situations because the “all are off” is already a thing. Just because an avatar is poor by performance dose not make the overall avatar itself bad. There’s plenty out there that are well made and in some cases have physics that work out well for quest users. Granted most of the problems lie in poly count but most users like high poly avatars. To go off and block those people seems wrong ta me. -A Fellow quest 2 user.