Scrolling the avatar debug menu on the meta quest 2 in vrchat client

So i found this avatar debug menu for avatars within the avatar action menu which displays all parameters, tracker information, fx and other very useful information. the only problem is, this menu doesn’t immediately show all information and when the fx tab gets too big it needs to be scrolled down so you are able to see all the information. on the menu itself it says that to be scrolled up or down you need to hit the key “PAGE UP” or “PAGE DOWN” respectively. (original text: “PAGE UP: Scroll Up, PAGE DOWN: Scroll Down”) And that is where my problem is, how do you scroll this menu up or down on the meta quest 2? I’ve tried holding it in one hand and holding the joystick down on the same and/or the other controller, I’ve tried pointing at the menu but the line on where your cursor is doesn’t appear, I’ve tried grabbing the scroll bar on the side, but nothing works. It just doesn’t scroll down.
I’m out of ideas here. Is anyone able to provide some help here?