Menus scrolls up in VRChat with Quest 2 on Steam VR

I have been trying to get my Quest 2 working in VRChat using Steam VR. Everything works great except when browsing the menus I can not scroll down permanently. It will scroll down fine but as soon as I release the trigger, it scrolls back up to the top.

I calibrated the thumb sticks in Steam VR many times and on occasion it does work. I have to do it every time I load VRC and it takes several times to get it if I can get it at all. A lot of the time I give up and do the best I can without scrolling.

Anyone else experience this bug? Any ideas?

I didn’t have that. Have you tried scrolling by moving the left stick? or right. As far as I remember the one you pressed last on the menu becomes the main one and if you point the cursor you can scroll the menu with the stick