Gestures Not Working

I’m using a Quest 2 connected to my PC via airlink. I usually run VRChat through the Oculus app. The other day I decided to download SteamVR onto my desktop and try VRChat through there. Upon returning to my oculus account, I’m finding that some of my hand gestures do not work. More specifically: Thumbs up, point index, finger gun, and flat palms. Everything else works.

I’ve tried stopping and re-enabling gestures, restarted both my headset and computer, even tried taking the battery out, waiting, and inserting back into controllers. My controllers work fine on everything else, even native Quest 2 VRChat. Just not the PC version anymore.

I’ve uninstalled SteamVR and Steam VRChat for now, sadly no fix there either.

Any help and/or advice would be most appreciated, thank you.


Hey, was having the same problem here.

I was using a quest 1 using oculus link and playing VRchat on the oculus app. I fixed the problem by installing the other version on steam and using SteamVR and logging in using my VRchat account. After I did that everything started working perfectly for some reason even when I went back to using VRchat through the oculus app.
try installing and logging in on VRchat using just the oculus store and see if it fixes the problem for you too then check back with the other version and see if it fixes your problem on steamVR too.

Thanks for the info. We’re tracking on this bug internally.