New update bricked Hand Gestures for Index Users

Everyone I know who uses Hand Gesture Animations and has an index has been stuck on default hand tracking since the update happened

Any index users that use Hand Gesture Animations not having this issue?

Anyone know a fix? they worked fine before the update, I didn’t upload a new model, they just stopped working across the board


Bump, having the same issue. My avatars rely on custom gestures, so this really sucks. Let’s hope they fix this quickly.

Same here. Custom gestures are not working on Index controllers.

I saw mention about this in the weekly thread.

also it doesn’t seem to matter what layer the costume hand/finger gestures are in. For Index users the state will always fall to default.

I believe the game somehow overrides all the finger (animation changes) and set it to Default Tracking.

Its a known bug, we’ll have it fixed next week.


Please fix this…

was it fixed successfully? there was VRChat update about 4 hours after your comment :slight_smile:

Should be fixed now!