Running without Steam does not work. Tried to find a solution, but nothing helps

Hi there.
I am currently trying to run VRChat via its regular executive (VRChat.exe), with and without parameters.
Booting and caching the game into my RAM does work, login process too - this is where it gets problematic.
I am not able to progress any further than this point of loading.
If I restart my client, I see that the client is logging in properly to my VRChat account (yes, I do NOT use Steam Account for my VRC profile, nor do I have a link/connection between VRChat Account and Steam Account), but still gets to that point, where no world loading appears.

When I run VRChat via the Steam Library, it works as expected.
Is it actually NOT possible to run the client without the Steam Client at all? I do not (yet) own a VR headset, but I am able to either do or do not trigger SteamVR at the background, so it wouldn’t be even a problem for me running VRC in VR-Mode without having the Steam Client running in the background, as many other games do indeed offer this alternative start method from the get go and I had no issues with many other Unity and UE games this way (running their VR mode with SteamVR but without Steam Client at the same time).

I guess you could file a bug?

Is there a particular issue that the steam client is causing by being active?

The wording seems familiar, you might be the sole individual interested in running VRChat without one of the three storefronts running in the background

Steam starts “launch.exe” which is the EAC launcher, that once it loads launches the VRChat.exe from itself. I don’t know if it’s possible to run without steam…

Running the VRChat.exe by itself only supports loading local worlds you’ve made via some option on the command line, and will be inaccessible to anyone else because it won’t be run from vrchat servers. Without any options it will do exactly as you saw, because it doesn’t know the local world to load.

Try running launcher.exe with the argument “–no-steam”. This is my setup and it’s working on my end.

If you happen have Steam running at the same time, it will still report you as running VRChat.