Trying to launch VRchat in Steam Desktop mode doesn't work

Hello, I am seeking out any possible answers to this issue i am having. i have played VRchat for months now switching between both Quest and Pc desktop versions and it worked fine. until about a week ago i tried launching VRchat through SteamVR and it wouldnt load. i left it alone and just used the quest version. today i tried launching straight from steam on desktop mode and it gives the pop up screen with EAC logo in the bottom left then just closes out of nowhere and gives me the option to “press Play on VRchat” on steam. When i do, same issue happens. i have checked if my driver needed updates and it is currently already up to date. I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling to no change with the launching crash. if anyone has any tips or has gone through this please let me know.