Quick edit to standard hub

How would one make a simple edit to the VRChat hub world? With the sanrio event, I kinda wanna keep the hello kitty popcorn machine permanently, but:

  1. I know nothing about VRchat world editing
  2. I know nothing about Unity
  3. I know nothing about where the world files are.
  4. No job, so can’t commission it. am poor

Well, even if you wanted to, you can’t really make edits to the main hub world as it is not available to edit.

Your solution would be to go from a world that you can get for free or buy and make your own edits on it.

Of course that costs either money, or time, to learn all of the stuff you want to do, but that’s only the start of the VRChat creation journey.

You can start to look for worlds on booth or gumroad websites and look at tutorials on world edits on youtube.