Is there any possible way on making your VRChat world very popular so people will begin noticing it?

I’ve created a world months ago which basically specializes in vehicle avatars with in addition of having drivers inside of them. I was looking at other worlds that have become very popular over each passing year and I was wondering if there’s some kind of method on making your world a noticeable one, even though I have 1,000 visits to my world. Any great advice you guys can give me?

Updating the world puts it at the top of the recently updated page so add stuff and update it frequently.

Try more general tags,
not a lot of people are searching for 2000s 2010s or 90s cars specifically just the cars tag would work then use the other tag slots for something else. just don’t add false or misleading tags.

if your world is mainly made to give avatars you can put the word avatar in the title so it shows up in the avatar worlds section or use if you use the avatar tag It won’t be categorized as an Avatar World, but users can still find it by searching for “avatar”.

keeping the world file size down is great for people with slow internet or lower-end pcs.

keep the world optimized so people don’t leave instantly or without looking around.

a good amount of vrchat users are on quest so make sure the world is cross platform if possible.

people mostly leave avatar worlds after looking at the avatars, try adding something interesting to do or explore so people stick around.

you can also share a link to your world: VRChat - Home

Alright. Thanks for giving me that advice.

If you haven’t already you could announce it on the VRC Discord (there is a worlds channel) and you could consider (as time permits) hosting some events. Nothing is likely to generate more “likes” than meeting people and asking them directly.

That said, (it seems to me that) if there is nothing particular to do people will generally visit and be done. They will show others and will most likely pop back in from time-to-time but there needs to be a draw.

Is the scale of the building correct? I wasn’t able to walk up to the roof.

Also the respawn needs moving, I think it’s inside one pedestal

Yeah, it is. It’s basically just a glitch. And the respawning is something that needs fixing. Don’t worry.

Make it Quest compatible. That usually makes a huge boost.

Well, it already is. But I see my visits slightly growing from time to time. Which is really good news.