Customizable home world (Again)

Everyone likes to have a space of their own, But not everyone has the skills to make the world they want, Thus why I suggest customizable Home worlds.

Change colors and place objects where you want them or Buy new objects from the VRC assets library, but choose wisely as you will have a limit on how much you can place in your space.

Put up posters of events you have been to, Watch funny cat videos with your friends on the Youtube video players. Is your couch to big? make it smaller with the sizing tool. Let your imagination run wild.

But thats not all. Sometimes your friends might be busy and your home alone. Feel less lonely with your VRC pet. Choose from a variety of pets, From VRCat to VRRat and more. They will walk around your world doing who knows what.

Do you have plans for your week in VRC? Keep on track with your own customizable VRC scheduler. Make notes that no one but you can see.

Ever just want too look up at the stars or watch the sun set? Well now you can with the customizable sky dome. Switch from day to night or something in between, What ever makes you happy. Make your home world a place you and your friends can enjoy together. Why settle for what others make when you can make your own.

If you like this idea then give it a like and if not tell me why.

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That would make sense, especially with the upcoming persistence update. But i’m pretty sure that has its limitations and i guess people are used a lot in simply using worlds as they are or customizing one in unity.

I haven’t used or seen a world that configurable, but i believe that could become something cool.