Question about internet speeds to run vrchat

Im new to vrchat and in the process of building a comp to run it. I need help with figuring out internet speed to run the game smoothly. (Im in an old apt and am not be able to run my own cable so i might not be able to get a store bought router)

So my questions are:
What speed is needed to run vrchat?

What are the best isp and their service plan to use for internet to run vrchat?


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We list minimum requirements as 25 megabit, but the more, the better!

Go to and try it out. If you get at least 25-50 MBit, you’ll be fine.

You can run with less than that, but it will be kinda painful. :sweat:

Via my phone i got 42.82 mbps download speed but then got 19.82 mbps. So im not sure…
My dsl router is…an abysmal 3.29 mbps download. Would love fiber but isn’t available for me :confused:

Your phone would do fine, but you’d burn through data fast! VRChat is very data hungry. Lots of avatars and worlds to download.

3.29 is crazy low! That isn’t even broadband by regulatory definitions.

If you have cable TV, I’d contact your TV provider to see if they offer TV service.

Yeah the dsl speed is supposed to be 500 mbps to 1 gb. The old apt im in apparently is throttling the #@$ out if it. I guess old copper wires? So i dont get the speed im paying for.
But im def going to be speaking to my ISP about it.

Oh my, yeah. Start with them. Something’s wrong!

Yeah spoke with them, I was right. It was supposed to be 500 mbps and up to 1tb data cap. Im on the highest plan for my area, but lowest in terms of the copper wire plan. So basically it has to do with where i am and the old copperwires in the building are indeed throttling my speed cuz theyre so f,ed up. . I will have to wait till they get fiber which hopefully i can get 5gig speeds and switch. They couldnt give me a eta on when my area will be available.
Guess vr is gonna suck for a good while. :p
UPDATE: got high speed 1 gigabit fiber internet. All good